Egg White Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

7 Home Remedies To Keep Eyes Look Fresh

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Home Remedies To Keep Eyes Look Fresh. The eye is a very important part of the human body, so it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The eye has a very urgent role in human life. Eyes can become a media that convey the deepest message without saying a word. So, keep your eyes healthy and fresh.

Eye is located in our face. The face is the first part in once that being someone’s attention. From your face, the eyes become the most important part of your psychological portrait. Mata also symbolizes the beauty of a person. Eyes that look fresh able to transform you into a beautiful, healthy and spirit. But the pressures of life seem sometimes make our eyes tired, tense, and make you become a dull appearance.

Dull eyes not only ruin your appearance but also makes you look weird. So, take care of the eyes is very important to everyone. Here are some types of traditional medicine from home that you can use to keep the eyes look fresh and healthy.

Home Remedies To Keep Eyes Look Fresh

1. Slice of ​​cucumber

cucumbers slice Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Cucumber is one of the very effective natural ingredient for beauty treatments including keeping eyes. Slices of ​​cucumber can cope with a swollen eye. Cut two slices of cucumber and use them on your eyes for some time. Nutrients in the cucumber would be a powerful drug to treat eye fatigue, eye puffiness and make it fresh.

2. Caffeine Eye Cream

Caffeine Eye Cream Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Another way that can help you make a fresh eye is to use eye cream. Use eye cream on around the eyes and massage gently. If your eyes are dry, you can use eye cream with caffeine extract. Cream made from caffeine can make your eyes keep skin fresh and glowing.

3. Ice Water

ice cube Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Using ice water on the eye can soothe the eyes and helps relieve eye stress. The trick is very simple, just bring ice and massage in a circular eye area and allow some time to dry. Using this home remedy regularly before bed can help the eyes look fresh naturally.

4. Vitamin C Extract

Vitamin C Extract, Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Next, how to keep the freshness of the eye is using extract of vitamin C. Alternatively, you can choose a face wash or body scrub which is contain vitamin C. This facial cleanser is able to rejuvenate the skin and keep the skin moist. So, using the extract of vitamins can help maintain the freshness of your face.

5. Use Of Concealer

Concealer, Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Concealer is a drug that is easy to use and has been proven long ago. Remedy is potent eliminate dull skin below the eyes so that your eyes look fresh and healthy.

Who want to remove dull eyes is highly recommended to use this drug because it removes the dull eyes and dark circles eye Area. However, you must choose a concealer that is appropriate to your skin tone.

6. Raw Potato Slices

Raw Cold Potato Slices, Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Cold potatoes could be another alternative to maintain eye health. For better results, refrigerate the potatoes and then cut two slices. Place these pieces on your eyes. Set aside some time and waste.

Using the same potato slices using cucumber slices. It was able to give a sensation of freshness, removes puffiness and dark circles.

7. Egg White

Egg White Home Remedies To Keep Eyes

Then, the natural herbs that help keep your eyes from fatigue and dullness is the egg white. Break the eggs and grab the egg white, then mix in the lemon juice into it and brush on the face, especially in the lower part of the eye.

Rinse with cold water. The egg white helps tighten your skin naturally and refresh your eyes. Do not believe? Please try regularly for maximum results.