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Powerful Home Remedies for Treating Cataract

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Powerful Home Remedies for Treating Cataract. The problem of vision is important to note because it is almost happen for everyone. Vision will continue to diminish with age. Taking vitamin A is one of the preventive efforts that can be done early on. In addition, consuming blueberries also includes the best way to prevent cataracts.

Cataracts are eye diseases that occur when the eyepiece becomes opaque. Light rays can not pass through the fog on the lens of the eye so you feel that you are failing to see.

Cataracts develop step by step and take a long time. But if not treated, the cataracts can cause blindness on you. At first, you feel that your vision becomes blur, and when it reaches its peak, then white patches appear on your eyes.

Some factors that cause cataracts are heredity, diabetes, direct sun exposure, eye injury and alcohol addiction.

Here are Home Remedies for Treating Cataracts.

1. Remedy #1

home remedies for treating cataract rose petals

Prepare a cup of rose petals, raspberry leaves as much as 4 tsp and 4 cups of hot water.

How to make potions:

Add rose petals and raspberry leaf into the hot water. Wait for its cold. Use the water to wash the eyes, do not forget to filter first if the water is not clear. This simple way will improve your eyesight.

2. Remedy #2

This is another way to treat cataracts. One teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of rose water. Use 4 drops of the mixture on your eyes. Wash your face and eyes immediately. These home remedies are good to use if your cataracts are still at an early stage.

3. Remedy #3

home remedies for treating cataract garlic

The drug is the easiest to do but the least one wants to try it. Chew 2 cloves of garlic every day, then your cataracts will decrease.

4. Remedy #4

home remedies for treating cataract is ashwavandha

Another home remedies for treating cataracts is consuming a spoon of ashwagandha powder. Regular consumption of this powder will minimize the risk of cataracts by 40%.

5. Remedy #5

home remedies for treating cataract is pure honey

Using a drop of pure honey in the eye can also provide a gradual cure for cataracts.

Remember! If it is not pure honey or there is an additive within, then it is harmful to the eye. Make sure the honey is pure.

6. Remedy #6

home remedies for treating cataract, carrot juice

Furthermore, one of home remedies for treating cataracts is carrot juice. Drink carrots every day on a regular basis. In addition to this juice, also include spinach and tomatoes in your diet. Vitamin A in carrots, spinach, tomatoes can break down some abnormalities in the eye.

7. Remedy #7

home remedies for treating cataract is wet almond

Wet almonds and milk are also an alternative to treat cataracts. Get used to consume this food regularly because it is said to cure the problem of vision.


Avoid eye exposure from excessive sun and heat. Often morning walks and stay away from drinking alcohol. In addition, away from unhealthy foods such as junk food and white bread.

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