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Health Benefits of Quinoa, Supers Foods

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Health Benefits of Quinoa – Quinoa is a small grain that is full of nutrients, these foods are very popular among dieters. Quinoa is a healthy food that has long been used by the Inca tribe, in mountains of Andes, South America. Quinoa is superfoods that provide much energy and stamina. The Incas called it “gold from inca” because it provides much stamina for the Inca warriors.

Incredible health benefits of Quinoa. If you like a diet, these foods may be familiar to you since many nutrition experts recommend this grain as a healthy food to be consumed during the diet lasts.

Quinoa is not the same as cereals, in general; Quinoa is a grain that can be eaten and related to spinach and beets. So what health benefits of Quinoa? Here we describe

health benefits of quinoaAwesome Health Benefits of Quinoa

1. Rich in protein

Quinoa is a type of grains that rich in protein, these foods contain at least nine essential amino acids, making quinoa into most foods rich in protein and very helpful to consumed. Nutritionists say that protein in quinoa is almost equal to the protein in milk

2. Many fibers than other grains

One of the advantages of quinoa is much fiber content, in fact, this is the highest when compared with proteins in other seeds.

One of health benefits of quinoa is as controlling blood sugar, cholesterol control, and maintain a healthy heart. This is caused of high fiber content therein. For the dieter, quinoa is the most good and healthy food for consumption. These foods also help digestion and remove bad cholesterol from the body.

3. Helping Tissue Growth

Quinoa is a fibrous food that contain lysine. Lysine is an important substance to build body tissues. For those of you who balance diet with exercise, the quinoa is paramount to you, because it contains Lysine which useful to help the growth of your body tissues and relieve pain after exercise.

4. Sources of iron

Another health benefits of quinoa is an excellent source of iron. Iron is eminent because it plays a role in producing red blood cells and deliver oxygen from one cell to another. Iron is also useful to make hemoglobin in the body, regulates body temperature and maintain and improve brain function.

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5. Quinoa is a smart Carbohydrate

The health benefits of quinoa as a filler carbohydrate without raising blood sugar levels. Many dieters avoid carbohydrate, but in quinoa contains unusual carbohydrates, namely smart carbohydrate. The carbohydrate in quinoa does not cause a surge of blood sugar because they contain the very low glycemic index, so it is safe and healthy for consumption.

Tips for consumption and cooking Quinoa

Please note that Quinoa is a food that is coated by saponins, i.e., toxic substances. So when cooking quinoa, you should wash them thoroughly.

To get the health benefits of quinoa, you are advised to consume quinoa regularly, although not every day. For better health, you are still encouraged to mix your food with others grains

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