Health Benefits of Sheep Milk

Health Benefits of Sheep Milk and Nutrient

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Health Benefits of Sheep Milk and Nutrient Facts. Milk is a healthy drink that is essential for the body’s needs. Sheep’s milk is a good type of milk consumed as a substitute for cow’s milk. Milk has an assortment of health benefits such as healthy bones, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, keeping the body’s immunity, prevent birth defects, good for growth and others.

What is Sheep’s Milk

Sheep’s milk has many benefits compared to milk from other animals such as buffalo, goats, and cows. Sheep’s milk has been used for thousands of years throughout the world as a beverage as well as a healthful food. Milk comes from the mammary glands of sheep ewes utilized for the needs of her child. But people can also benefit greatly from sheep’s milk. This milk is more tasty and delicious and nutritional value better than the milk of other animals.

Sheep’s milk once processed into some very impressive product that popular with label feta cheese and Roquefort. Not only was the cheese course, there are many other products derived from sheep’s milk but not so commonly used because tough to produce. Sheep have a relatively short time to produce milk and cultivation is also difficult. This led to the stock a little sheep’s milk and is rarely used in various food products. If you eat food from sheep’s milk, you feel the delicacy that is different from other milk. Besides the great delicacy, sheep’s milk and food from sheep’s milk contains more protein than the food of other dairy products. The scarcity of sheep’s milk makes the milk price to be high, and food products from sheep’s milk are rare.

Here we see what are the health benefits of sheep milk.

6 Health Benefits of Sheep Milk

1. Boost immunity

A mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are diverse in sheep’s milk provides tremendous benefits to the body that boost immunity. Vitamin A and vitamin E are two types of vitamins that act as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants will release free radicals from the body so that a variety of chronic diseases can be prevented. Sheep’s milk is also beneficial for skin health and beauty because of the rich content of vitamin E.

2. Suitable for the growth and development of the body

In addition to breast milk, animal milk is also good for human growth because of higher protein levels. Among the many animal milk, sheep’s milk is the best. In 100 grams of sheep’s milk contains 5.4 grams of protein, while other animal milks each of theme containing 4.5 grams (buffalo milk), 3.1 grams (goat’s milk) and 3.2 g (cow’s milk). The amount of protein in the milk of sheep to be evidence that the milk is excellent for growth and development. One of the benefits of protein forms the tissue, setting up bone formation and energy.

Health Benefits Sheep Milk

3. Against Cancer

The health benefits of sheep milk have been linked to action against cancer. In sheep’s milk contains two essential substances, these are nucleosides and nucleotides. The numbers are very high compared to the amount of cow’s milk (50x higher than the amount found in cow’s milk). Both of these substances are associated with a decreased risk of cancer in the body as well as the establishment of the better cell. Good cell formation is essential to prevent oxidative stress and prevent cell mutations that can cause cancer.

4. Preventing birth defects

The health benefits of sheep’s milk were also associated with the health of the fetus and pregnant women. Sheep’s milk contains a variety of B vitamins including high folic, the substance that is important in preventing neural defects in the fetus. Folate requirement is an obligation for pregnant women to shape the quality of better life fetus. Consuming sheep’s milk is one way to give you the health of the fetus.

5. Lowering blood pressure

Patients with high blood pressure are also good eating sheep’s milk. Sheep’s milk contains the amino acid concentration level that higher than the milk of buffalo, cows and goats. These amino acid-suppressing drugs act like high pressure. So the health benefits of sheep milk can lower high blood pressure naturally. For those who like the natural approach, then the sheep’s milk is the best alternative to protect the heart.

6. Lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is the cause of many chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke. So cholesterol should be eliminated in the body (the bad cholesterol). One is to eat sheep’s milk.

Did you surprise? Sheep’s milk Including milk contains more fat than the other milk. But you should know that the fat in the milk of sheep is dominated by monounsaturated fats. In fact, studies reveal that unsaturated fats like those can lower cholesterol levels in the body. This fat will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease and improve the conversion of proteins into energy.


Fat sheep’s milk is very high, so it is not good for those of you who are on a diet to lose weight. High fat will frustrate you in losing weight. However, for a certainty, you can consult on this issue with a nutritionist or nearby doctor.