The Health Benefits of Red Fruit Papua

The Health Benefits of Red Fruit Papua (Buah Merah Papua)

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The health benefits of red fruit Papua – This red fruit can only be found in the land of Papua, East Indonesia. Red fruit is the traditional fruit of Papuans, who served during the “burn stone” ceremony. Papuan community calls this fruit by Kuan Hsu. Papua’s Red fruit has tremendous health benefits, even this fruit including magic fruit for health, many health problems can be treated with red fruit.

By examining the content of the nutritional composition, it turns into red fruit that contains antioxidants (average content):

  • Carotene (12,000 ppm)
  • Beta-carotene (700 ppm)
  • Tocopherol (11,000 ppm)

In addition, red fruit also contains several other substances that are beneficial for improving endurance, among others: oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, decanoic, Omega 3 and Omega 9. They are all active compounds that can counteract the formation of free radicals in body.

Some Health Benefits of Red Fruit

1. Preventing cancer and tumors
The health benefits of red fruit to prevent cancer and tumors. Tocopherol content in the red fruit is very high, about 11,000 ppm and 7,000 ppm carotene. Both of these compounds are antioxidants that can boost the immune system. It also prevents the growth of cancer cells.

2. Prevent Stroke and High Blood
The health benefits of red fruit to prevent stroke and hypertension. One cause of stroke is high blood pressure that causes blood clots, so that narrows blood vessels and the blood supply is reduced. Tocopherol in the red fruit has important role to thin the blood and improving blood circulation so that the oxygen content in the blood become normal. Then it can prevent high blood pressure and stroke.

3. Prevent gout
The health benefits of red fruits to prevent gout. Tocopherol content in the red fruit is used to prevent gout. Tocopherol can thin the blood and improve the work of system lever. Lever good working system would produce normal levels of uric acid. Thus preventing excessive production of uric acid can cause gout.

5. Prevent Diabetes Mellitus
The content of tocopherols in Papua red fruit is also useful in improving the working system of the pancreas. Normal pancreas can produce insulin that can regulate your blood sugar levels.

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6. Prevent Osteoporosis
The health benefits of red fruit to prevent brittle bones. Osteoporosis is common in the elderly and is caused by calcium deficiency. Papua red fruit is rich in calcium, so as to prevent and treat osteoporosis. There are 54,000 Milligram calcium in 100 grams of fresh red fruit.

7. Maintain Eye Health
Besides beneficial for bones, red fruit Papua is also beneficial for the eyes. Red fruits rich in beta-carotene which serves to prevent the types of eye diseases caused by lack of vitamin A. Beta-carotene in the body will be processed into vitamin A.

8. Increase Intelligence
The health benefits of red fruit to increase intelligence. Want to improve intelligence, you can eat the red fruit. This is because the content of omega 3 and omega 6 in the red fruit. Both of these nutrients can stimulate the brain and improve intelligence. This fruit is suitable for consumption by young children and students.

9. Increase Sexual Arousal and Fertility
Red fruit can help boost male sexual arousal. It is the health benefits of red fruit that was amazing. The content of vitamin E in the red fruit Papua works to increase the production of sperm. Additionally, red fruit containing high energy, which is 360 calories.

That some of the health benefits of red fruit Papua, in fact, there are many health problems that can be treated with red fruit such as gastric disease, hemorrhoids, disorders of the lungs etc.