Great Health Benefits of Pumpkin

27 Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Its Juice

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Here we will talk about health benefits of pumpkin including pumpkin juice, soup, benefits for digestion, for skin and some side effects that possible to occur. The Pumpkin plant is a type of melon or cantaloupe. Pumpkin has a lot of shapes and colors, such as squash, pumpkin ground, with whitish green, orange, and dark green. Pumpkin is well consumed for health; good taste is also the main attraction. Inside pumpkin, there are pumpkin seeds. Health benefits of pumpkin seeds are also very impressive.

Pumpkin has a weight about 4-8 kg. But there are also Cucurbita Maxima pumpkin type (giant pumpkin). This type has a weight up to 34 kg/fruit.

Another interesting fact is having two of pumpkin flowers, male and female. It is called the ‘monoecious plants.’ Male flowers can be easily distinguished from the female flowers, the small shape of the lid.

Pumpkins in America has been known for centuries ago, and pumpkin often used as food, such as pumpkin pie.

Health benefits of pumpkin so wonderful, and it’s not released from the nutrient in it. Pumpkin is one of healthy food for the body. The content in Flash is full with Carotene. Additionally, pumpkin also contains vitamins A, E, C and B vitamins and fiber. While minerals are also very much in the pumpkin, such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, sodium and zinc.

Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a plant that is not only fruit can be eaten, but the young pumpkin leaves are often cooked as a vegetable. Here are some health benefits of pumpkin.

1. Anti-inflammatory effects

Pumpkin seeds have tremendous benefits, like the treatment of joint inflammation and arthritis

2. Asthma

The content of antioxidants in the pumpkin is very efficient against free radical attack and protect the respiratory infection.

3. Atherosclerosis

High cleaning strength in pumpkin juice helps keep dirt buildup in the arteries. It is will reduce the risk of heart disease, and stroke. High Antioxidants in pumpkin can be a traditional medicine to prevent hardening of the arteries.

4. Maintain bone health

The health benefits of pumpkin to the bone. Pumpkin is a fruit that contains a lot of calcium. For a healthier you can make juice from pumpkin, carrots, and broccoli. It will provide extraordinary nutrients for bone health.

5. Cholesterol

Pumpkin contains cholesterol that are the same as in the human body. Consuming pumpkin can replace the body’s cholesterol and normalize cholesterol. It can increase good cholesterol in the body and lowers bad cholesterol.

6. Prevent Depression

The health benefits of pumpkin to repel depression. The lack of tryptophan in our diet can cause depression. The content is many in pumpkin, so consume it useful to resist depression. Besides, pumpkin rich in L-tryptophan, which is an amino acid that can not be produced in the body. When this chemical compound is supplied, it activates the feeling of happiness and well-being and reduce feelings of depression.

7. Dietary fiber

Pumpkin provides a lot of dietary fibers, can help digestion smooth and resolve defecation problems, constipation, etc. Dietary fiber is also able to lower the bad cholesterol in the body and regulate blood sugar levels.

8. Diuretics

Uncooked Pumpkin juice is a diuretic, the diuretic properties that present in the pumpkin is great to remove toxins in the body. So, a pumpkin can also be used as detox.

9. Maintain eye health

Pumpkin contains beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. It is important to keep the optics of the eye, and eye health. Consuming pumpkin regularly nice to avoid macular degeneration and cataracts.

10. Build immunity

The health benefits of pumpkin for immunity has been proven. Pumpkin works to increase white blood cells and white blood cells work.

11. Prevent kidney stones

Pumpkin fruit is also good for preventing kidney stones. With regular consumption of pumpkin seeds as much as 5-10 grams per day can cope the formation of kidney stones.

12. Treat parasites

Pumpkin seeds are also good to kill parasites and tapeworms in the stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine has long used this method in treating roundworm. Pumpkin seeds are finely ground into a powder, then put it in the juice and drink.

13. Treat peptic ulcers

Pumpkin Great to treat a variety of health problems related to the stomach, indigestion. Diseases such as peptic ulcers can also be overcome by eating pumpkin.

14. Prevent prostate cancer

Zinc and Carotene in pumpkin flash and pumpkin seed good for the fight against prostate cancer. These compounds prevent prostate enlargement.

15. Good for skin health

Health benefits of pumpkin for the skin. The content of antioxidants in the form of vitamins A, C, and E, and zinc, pumpkin makes good in treating skin problems. It is a form of cooperation of several compounds that present in pumpkin.

For those of you who have never eaten pumpkin seeds, you should be careful eating pumpkin seeds. Because some people can be allergic to pumpkin seeds.

The Pumpkin is a fruit from the vines like cucumbers. Pumpkin is very popular as a health fruit. Not only that, when Halloween pumpkin become an adamant icon. In celebration of Halloween pumpkin is very commonly used both in various accessories or in the form of toys. However, regardless of Halloween, pumpkins are rich in health benefits.

Consuming pumpkin is usually carried out by boiling it first so that vitamins and beta carotene is not lost. Besides that, pumpkin also contains some minerals such as fiber, zinc, iron, potassium, copper and calcium that are good for the bones.

Pumpkin was not only boiled, but some are for the juice. As reported by the, eating pumpkin juice is excellent for health. Here are seven health benefits of pumpkin juice.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Juice

health benefits of pumpkin juice

16. Good for digestion

Consuming pumpkin on a regular basis can help regulate digestion, because pumpkin contains a lot of fiber. So eating pumpkin in the form of juice can cure constipation.

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17. Overcoming high blood pressure

If you frequently suffer from high blood pressure, you should like to consume pumpkin. One of good way to consume pumpkin is by making pumpkin juice.

Pumpkin contains pectin that play a role in lowering cholesterol levels, so that high blood pressure can also be overcome.

18. Increase immunity

Pumpkin is a healthy fruit that contains many minerals and vitamins. The very good vitamin for the immune system is vitamin C. In this flask contents can be found in abundance.

19. Cooling the body

The health benefits of pumpkin juice can also cool the body. In the dry state, body will feel hot and water shortages. Drink pumpkin juice is a good idea to cool the body. Pumpkin juice can lower body temperature.

20. Prevent Arteriosclerosis

The health benefits of pumpkin juice is not only to cool the body or treat high blood pressure. But the pumpkin juice is also useful for cleaning your arteries. It can avoid you from heart attack, stroke, and diseases Arteriosclerosis.

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21. Good for kidney health

It turns out that the pumpkin juice taken regularly is excellent for health. This drink is said to nourish the liver and kidneys. Even drinking pumpkin juice three times a day on a regular basis to remove kidney stones.

22. Treating insomnia

Insomnia is a medical disorder that makes the sufferer can not sleep. If you include insomnia, then drink pumpkin juice. Gourd juice mixed with honey can be a traditional medicine that is proven to overcome acute insomnia.

It was only seven health benefits of pumpkin juice. Not only the advantages of pumpkin as mentioned above, because the pumpkin also saves a lot of other properties. Among other benefits and efficacy of pumpkin juice is to improve concentration, relieve nausea for pregnant women, and can overcome the problem of tuberculosis.

Pumpkin Benefits for Your Gut

– aids digestion

Pumpkin directly provides benefits to the stomach. This is a fruit that is rich in fiber which can help the intestines feel full and full quickly so as to prevent the urge to snack.

A fiber-rich diet is good for digestion and helps prevent constipation. It’s just that it should not be consumed in excess, because if it is excessive then fiber can also cause gas to accumulate in the intestines.

So, the benefits of pumpkin for digestion are very clear, to get these benefits you can consume pumpkin in various ways. Steamed pumpkin is what we like the most, eating it with steamed coconut added a little sugar is very tempting to the appetite.

– Pumpkin contains 90% water

Water is an important substance needed by our body. Consuming foods such as fruit that is rich in water can provide better mood changes. Pumpkin is a fruit with 90% water content, it not only hydrates the body and skin but also makes the heart happy.

In addition, a lot of water content that can also have a good impact on digestion and helps the disposal of feces properly.

Drinking water is very important for health, it helps the passage of waste through the digestive tract and helps soften stools.
Water is also great for the fiber to perform its function properly. Without adequate fluids in our bodies, the fiber we eat will not function in removing waste.

– Boost immunity

Pumpkin benefits for digestion because it can increase immunity. Immunity is something that is quite important for our digestion or intestines.

In our intestines are very many living organisms and this greatly interferes with our immune system. So with pumpkin regularly, the immune system can be increased so that it has a great effect on good digestion.

Benefits of Eating Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is very beneficial, it is not only famous for providing digestive benefits but pumpkin soup is also associated with weight loss. It is a low-calorie, high-fiber, high-energy food and helps balance the body’s electrolytes after a day of physical activity.

Benefits of Eating Pumpkin Soup

Among the benefits of eating pumpkin soup are as follows:

23. Improve eye health

Pumpkin is a vitamin A rich food that is good for eye health. Vitamin A is a form of antioxidant that can prevent macular degeneration of the eyes, meaning eating pumpkin soup can protect your eyesight.

Activities in the hot sun, in front of the computer and screen radiation often make eyes tired and reduce their health. So, by eating more pumpkin or pumpkin soup, then our eyes will be awake and still maintain good health.

24. Lose weight

Pumpkin soup including low-calorie foods, with one cup of pumpkin soup with the addition of a little cheese provides only 70-80 calories, this will not increase weight suddenly.

Pumpkin soup is a fiber-rich food that keeps you full, aids your digestion, loses weight by metabolizing calories and fat all the time.

The filling nature of pumpkin helps you lose excess weight.

25. Lowers Risk of Diseases

Eating pumpkin every day can improve health and prevent us from falling into the abyss of disease. Consuming pumpkin soup will keep the body healthy and prevent our body from being attacked by disease.

26. Boost Energy

Even though pumpkin soup is low in calories, it can provide additional energy for you. This low calorie balance is offset by the high potassium in the pumpkin, even more so than the potassium in the whole banana.

That is, eating pumpkin soup can provide energy for you, balance electrolytes, recover from sports injuries, and contribute a lot of energy.

27. Improves Bone Health

Pumpkin soup also provides great benefits for bone resistance and strength. The calcium content of cheese added to pumpkin soup provides a high supply of calcium, so consuming pumpkin soup with cheese topping can be beneficial for bones.

That’s a series of benefits of pumpkin and pumpkin soup for health, with this information you are expected to increase your enthusiasm for consuming pumpkin.

Pumpkin Side Effects

There are several possible side effects of pumpkin on the body, sometimes side effects when consumed or side effects when applied to the skin.

– When taken by mouth

Pumpkin is safe to eat after being steamed, roasted or added to food. Pumpkin side effects are rare, but things like stomach discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea are possible. Sometimes pumpkin can also cause itching, allergic reactions, and rashes.

– When applied to the skin

When you use it on the skin it’s likely to have no effect, but there’s not enough evidence to claim that. Overall, pumpkin is safe to eat and apply its oil to the skin.

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