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10 Health Benefits of Music and Its Research

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Health benefits of music – The music not only as a hobby and sheer joy but the music has the correlation with the health of the human body. Plato said that music is a moral law, makes a person could fly with imagination, fascinated and happy in life. It is in line with what has happened in human life, music has become part of life for thousands of years ago and even be a part of every culture.

Music not only provides entertainment and pleasure and comfort but also when the music you chose is right, then it will have a positive effect on one’s soul.

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Some health experts researching on music and they concluded that music can be a healing force, capable of creating prosperity and peace. Here we see the health benefits of music.

10 Health Benefits of Music

1. Reduce anxiety and stress
Stress and anxiety are a psychiatric disorder that very much happens to man. If you are one that is so, then you can try classical music. Choose music that is slow and instruments are not hard. Music with these characteristics is usually calming you when you’re upset and tense.

An additional benefit of listening to music is that it helps lower cortisol levels, the causes of stress. Even classical music can soothe tense muscles and makes you more optimistic. Research held in 2007 and published in “Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback” noting that classical music can reduce stress and anxiety levels, compared to hear metal music or just sit quietly by himself.

Another study in 2009 which was published in the “Heart & Lung” examines the music influence on heart surgery and found that classical music can reduce stress.

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Another research in 2009 that published in Heart & Lung Analyzed reports that effect of music invasion in the stress reply to cardiac surgery and found that it helps reduce stress.

It surprisingly was discovered in another study in 2009 which was published in “Acta Scandinavica Anaesthesiological” that cardiac surgery patients are better able to reduce stress with music Classical compared with oral anxiolytic drugs.

Thus, health benefits of music in reducing stress is related to music that fits the mood of each. Classical music dominates a person’s mood and affects the nerves so as to bring someone in tranquility.

2. Reduce pain
Health benefits of music in relieving pain. Music turned out to have the unique ability to reduce pain. It is not clear how the music is. However, experts believe that the music to suit the mood capable of releasing dopamine that makes people relaxed and comfortable.

Research published in the Journal of “Clinical Nursing” reported that music therapy provides some benefits with reducing anxiety and pain in patients with spine surgery.

There is another study in 2011 published in the “Journal of Pain” that classical music can minimize the response to pain. But this is up to the person if he is absorbing the music, he quickly felt relaxed condition in the face of illness.

Furthermore, research in 2013 which reported that people diagnosed with fibromyalgia can reduce pain, depression due to listening to the music.

A study that conducted on 2011 and published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing indicates that music therapy has some positive influences on levels of anxiety and pain in Patients undergoing spinal surgery. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain in musculoskeletal disease that causes people to unbearable.

3. Enhance immune function
Furthermore, the health benefits of music is to improve the immune system. When a person hears the music, it happens in the body is the increase of immunoglobulin A. It is anti-body in charge of the mucous system and keep the body healthy. In fact he was able to reduce the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) and provide for the immune response.

Based on a 2004 research published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine concluded that hearing choral music can lower cortisol levels and enhance the immune response to.

While a 2007 study published in the “Journal in Music Therapy” shows that music has an influence communication between body and mind.

So, listen to favorite music can be one way to stay healthy because it can boost immunity, reducing the impact of stress and anxiety.

4. Music motivating workout
The benefits of music for health is also associated with exercise. Music gives a sense of excitement that reduces fatigue and increases mental arousal and motor.

The study, published in the “Ergonomics” in 2006 showed that the music loud and fast good in improving the performance of your exercise on a treadmill.

While another study in 2008 which held at Brunel University shows there is a close relationship between music and sports in the heart of improving morale and spur sports passion.

The benefits of music for sports is enormous, so many sports are accompanied with music and the sport that guided by music more relaxed and enjoyable.

5. Improve Memory
Music for health benefits in improving memory, this has been investigated in various studies. Listening to the music was able to make someone remember information better and associated with the release of the hormone dopamine.

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A 2006 study that was written in the “Brain” indicates that the relationship between music and brain development is adamant. It is evidenced by the many children who study music have better brain development than those not taking music lessons.

Besides that, research that conducted in 2014 and published yesterday in “The Gerontologist” found that singing and listening to music can improve mood, memory, and orientation in patients with dementia.

6. Improve the quality of sleep
Music is also associated with sleep quality. Someone who does not sleep well, he could try to listen to soothing music before bedtime, this will give you a comfortable feeling that you slept well. However, stay away from hearing rock music or other music that is distracting and tacky because it could have a severe effect on you.

In a 2008 research published in the “Journal of Advanced Nursing” indicates that classical music gives effect to decrease sleep problems using relaxing the muscles, and eliminate interference mind.

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For those who want to sleep through the night, trying to listen to music for 30 minutes before bedtime.

7. Reduce eating
Furthermore, the benefits of music for health is to lose weight through eating habits slightly. If you listen to music while you eat then you will slow down to eat, it affects the feeling of satiety and keeps you from adding portions.

8. Improve blood vessel function
Health benefits of music also associated with healthy blood vessels. When you hear music the atmosphere happy and fun then it will rub off on your soul so that the effect on the heart and blood vessel function.

Based on the research done at the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that positive emotions aroused due to hear the music and the joy of this effect on maximum blood vessels work.

Music can increase nitric oxide that would be useful to dilate blood vessels and keep it healthy.

9. Lowering blood pressure
Furthermore, the health benefits of music are to reduce blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure who have a habit of listening to music are excited at the morning and evening for 30 minutes experienced tremendous growth in the health of blood.

The study, published in the Indian Heart Journals in 2012 noted that music has a beneficial effect on systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate.

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Besides, the benefits of music for health is to strengthen the heart and plays a role in heart disease recovery time.

10. Improve recovery time in stroke patients
For stroke patients, music also has tremendous benefits. Listening to the right or classical music while resting in bed helps patients relaxed and reduce stress levels.

2008 research published in the “Brain” says that listening to music in the early stages after a stroke can improve recovery time.

The results of this study indicate there are three ways of music to help patients in the nerves.

1. The music gives pleasure, passion, and motivation
2. Music stimulates the recovery of the areas of the brain
3. Stimulating the brain to repair damaged in nerve tissue.

There are many other research that talk about the health benefits of music. It is shown that music has a positive influence on health.

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