Health benefits of Labdanum Essential Oil

Top 5 Health benefits of Labdanum Essential Oil

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Historically, Labdanum Essential Oil was first used by Pharaoh and his beard was attached with chewing gum. Among the good health problems healed with Labdanum Essential Oil are colds, menstrual disorders, and rheumatism. The process of making this oil is by steam distillation of leaves, twigs, Labdanum trees.

Health Benefits of Labdanum Essential Oil

This amazing essential oil can cure health problems related to the mind such as stress, emotional and mental. Here are some benefits that can be obtained from using labdanum oil.

1. To reduce stress and calm the mind

Someone whose mood is not good, tends to worry, and stress can try to use labdanum oil. The trick is also very simple, you just need to inhale the oil. Anger, mood and mental will be slowly regulated by labdanum oil.

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2. Treating Coughs and colds

Labdanum Essential Oil contains the nature of eskpektoran so useful to treat congestion, cough and colds. Add 5 drops of labdanum oil into hot water, and inhale the steam by covering the head with a towel. Do this treatment about 5 minutes.

3. Improve skin condition

Furthermore, the benefits of labdanum essential oils are to prevent wrinkles on the skin, rejuvenate the skin, prevent signs of aging and tighten sagging and muscle skin.

In addition, labdanum essential oils can also reduce and treat inflammation and remove irritated skin.

4. Treating menstrual problems

Other health benefits of labdanum essential oil is treat menstrual case. Bloating and nausea and cramps are signs of menstrual disorders. This problem is treated with natural medicine from the labdanum. The benefits of labdanum essential oils are also able to regulate the rhythm or menstrual distance.

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5. Treating Rheumatism

Rheumatism and arthritis are two health problems that can be relieved and treated with labdanum essential oils. However, its use should be dissolved in advance with the carrier oil. In addition to massaging this oil on the diseased area, labdanum oil can also be used in 5-6 drops in the bath.

Other benefits:

Using labdanum oil on the body can launch blood circulation so that oxygen to the brain is met well. In addition, the nerves, breathing and digestion can be improved slowly.

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