Health Benefits of Kalonji Oil

11 Health Benefits of Kalonji Oil

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Health benefits of kalonji oil have long been popular and used for various health purposes by ancient Egyptian society. They have known this oil since 2000 BC. Kalonji oil (Nigella sativa) better known by the name of Habbatussauda (Arabic), its name is varies according to specific areas. In Indonesia called Black Cumin, Fennel Flower (UK), Black Cumin/Black Seed (US), Nigella (Italy), Habbatu Barakah (Egypt).

Kalonji trees grow in many areas such as North Africa, America and Asia. Kalonji belongs to the Ranunculaceae family. This is a bisexual plant, it can breed on its own. Breeding can be done alone with fruit capsules that contain seeds. When it is ripe, the seed becomes black (black seed) and then carried by wind.

Health Benefits of Kalonji Oil

Kalonji Oil Nutrition Facts

Kalonji or Black Seed oil contains amino acids. These are the 15 amino acids that make up the protein, 8 of these are essential acids that are important for the health of the human body. This amino acid contains arginine, an important amino acid during human growth. In addition to amino acids, kalonji oil contains carotene which can be converted by the liver to vitamin A.

This oil contains monosaccharides and its forms are glucose xylose, rhamnose, and arabinose. The health benefits for body is as a source of energy and dietary fiber.

Other nutritional value in kalonji seeds is calcium, sodium, iron, potassium. These nutrients play an important role for various performance in the body. Meanwhile, kalonji also contains some fats, especially healthy fatty acids, namely: unsaturated fatty acids or linoleic and linolenic acids.

Some Benefits of Kalonji Oil

As the nutritional content of kalonji seeds oil above, health benefits are very large. Here are some health benefits of kalonji oil.

1. Improve Brain Memory

In modern age, many people has decrease memory and become forgetful due to various unhealthy lifestyles. Health benefits of kalonji oils are important to improve memory and prevent forgetfulness. You can boil 10 fresh mint leaves with 1/2 teaspoon of Black Seed oil in a glass of water. Drink this stew for 1 hour to get maximum health benefits, the dose is 2 times a day.

2. Treating Headaches

Headaches can occur with various causes such as flu, stress, migraine, or high blood pressure and cholesterol. You certainly consume a variety of commercial drugs to get health restoration. In fact, kalonji oil has tremendous health benefits to treat your headaches. All you have to do is lightly massage on the forehead, temples, and behind the ears.

Another alternative is consume 1/2 teaspoon of kalonji oil twice a day. To add flavor you can mix it with honey, and warm water. Efficacy of kalonji oil will relieve headaches slowly without side effects. If there is kalonji oil, why should consume chemical drugs!

3. Diabetes Prevents

In addition to memory problems, diabetes is also a modern human disease. Almost half of the earth’s population experience a significant increase in blood sugar. Benefits of kalonji oil is good to lower blood sugar. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of kalonji oil with a cup of black tea. Drink in the morning, you will see the results after consuming for one month.

4. Maintain Heart Health

The heart is an important organ that plays a role in pumping blood and sending it throughout the body. When the heart weakens the whole organ will have problems. If you have heart diseases, you can use kalonji oil. Kalonji seeds and oil is a powerful home remedies for heart health. To get the optimal health benefits, you can mix it with goat’s milk. Enter 1/2 teaspoons of kalonji in a glass of fresh goat’s milk and drink for 10 consecutive days.

For best results, in addition to taking medication you should also keep a healthy diet by eating healthy foods and avoid junk foods such as fried foods with saturated oil. But if you have complications, calling a doctor is the best way.

5. Prevent cancer

Cancer is a scary disease in the modern era, even the most killer in the world. Benefits of kalonji oil is prevent cancer, such as colon cancer, leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer.

To get the benefits of kalonji oil for cancer, you should make the following ingredients. 1/2 teaspoon Black Seed oil mixed into a glass of grape juice. In addition to grape juice you can use acay berry juice, blueberries, or blackcurrants. This simple herb is drunk 3 times a day, after lunch, before breakfast and after dinner.

Keep in mind! this is just a food supplement to help cure cancer, you still need chemotherapy and other treatments. This drink will help to cure you from cancer.

6. Controlling Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is no less frightening than cancer. In the early stages, usually high blood pressure without any symptoms and signs so-called silent killer. If you have a history of high blood pressure or have experienced it, then beware and keep your health. Kalonji oil or Nigella sativa is one of the types that you can rely on. The benefits of kalonji oil for high blood pressure have been known for a long time and they are in the days of lights relying on it as the best home remedy to maintain and control blood pressure.

You just need to add 1/2 teaspoon of kalonji oil into your drink like tea or coffee and drink twice a day. This benefit will be more powerful if you consume two cloves of garlic a day. In addition to consuming medicinal food, you should also control your salt intake.

7. Cures Arthritis

This is one of the home remedies that are mainstay of the Arabs. To treat arthritis naturally, warm up a bit of Nigella sativa and use it to massage the skin on arthritis. This treatment will provide a good calming effect for arthritis sufferers.

8. Prevent Kidney Disease

Kidney diseases such as kidney stones are health problems that occur due to unhealthy lifestyles. Eating certain foods and not exercising is one of the causes. Black Cumin oil has been proven to be one of the natural treatments for kidney. Adding 1/2 teaspoon of kalonji oil in a glass of warm water with a little honey is able to keep the kidneys from disorders such as kidney stones, and other kidney diseases.

9. Strengthening Bone and Teeth

Kalonji oil is an important source of nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium and copper. They are essential nutrients for healthy bones and teeth, so consume calonji oil good to strengthen bones and teeth. Consuming 1/2 teaspoon of this oil on a regular basis can prevent bone problems (osteoporosis) and teeth. You can consume Black Cumin oil directly or add in a glass of warm water or warm tea.

10. Good for Healthy Mouth

Cumin oil or black seed oil is well known as a natural remedy for toothache and mouth problems like gingivitis. For those of you who suffer from this problem you can take some this oil and gently massage the gums and teeth twice a day. Another alternative is by adding two drops of black seed oil into a glass of warm water and use to gargle. This is just a form of prevention and care from home only, for a more optimal health, you still have to visit the dentist at least 6 months.

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11. Prevent Anemia

As mentioned above that kalonji or Black Seed oil contains iron content, an essential mineral for producing red blood cells to prevent blood deficiency. Consumption of 1/2 teaspoon of kalonji oil every day can prevent anemia, you can do it directly or meddle in a glass of warm water.

Kalonji Oil Facts

After knowing the benefits of kalonji oil for health, it seems we need also know the historical facts about this oil.

First of all, this oil was found in the tomb of Egyptian Tutankhamun. Then, the researchers made further research and found that this oil has miraculous benefits for health.

Kalonji plants can be found growing wild in the Mediterranean country, then cultivated in Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, and India since the past.

In Arab medicine that derived from the medicinal system of ibnu sina (Avicenna), the benefits of kaloji oil are said be effective for dysfunction, fever and hepatitis. Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in his book “The Canon of Medicine” reveals that kaloji oil is useful to stimulate and generate energy in the body and restore fatigue. In the middle east, kaloji is called “Habbatu Barakah” or “the seed of blessing” because it is beneficial for many health complaints.