Health Benefits of Guava for Dengue Fever

Health Benefits of Guava for Dengue Fever

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Health benefits of guava for dengue fever – Dengue fever is a disease that causes dengue virus. Mosquitoes dengue spreads the virus. This disease can be transmitted through mosquito bites migrating from one person to another. This disease results in damage to body cells, especially platelets because the platelets cell wall is thinnest. Thus, treatment of dengue is done by adding the efforts of platelets in the body to normal limits, i.e., 150000-450000 cells in each microliter of blood.

Health Benefits of Guava for Dengue Fever

Overcome dengue fever can be done by eating the guava, palm juice, and multiple drinking water. Health benefits of guava for dengue fever has been proven, so many doctors advise patients to consume a lot of guava or guava juice because given that dengue has no special medicine. Fruit with the Latin name Psidium guajava is very rich in vitamins A, C, minerals and other substances.

Chemically, guava, guava leaves, and bark contains tannin. Even, in guava leaves also contain various acids, such as Ursolic acid, apsidioles, kra togo lat, oleanolic, gu javelin.

Additionally, the health benefits of guava as well as rich in fiber, which is known to prevent cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and lowers cholesterol. The content of vitamin C in guava five times more than the orange. This vitamin is concentrated. The content of vitamin C in guava able to meet the daily needs of children aged 13-20 years to reach 80-100 mg per day as well as adults who achieve 70-75 mg per day.

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In treating dengue fever, not only guava fruit are used, but also guava leaves. Now even being developed guava leaf juice as a remedy to overcome the dengue virus. Guava leaf looks like it could be a deterrent dengue fever. Although still a clinical trial, guava leaves can increase the number of platelets up to 100 thousand millimeters per cubic without side effects.

Herb guava for dengue fever

Take three pieces of guava, and then make juice. Drink guava juice three times a day. In addition to using ripe fruit, you can also use the young guava fruit.

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Young guava fruit can be eaten directly as a snack. But notice the seeds, avoid guava seeds because the seeds can cause appendicitis.

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