Health Benefits of Green Onions
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Health Benefits of Green Onions, Nutrition

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Health benefits of Green Onions – Green onions is one of a food supplement that makes cooking more delicious and tasted. Green onions also know with premature onions, because not taken the onions only but also stem tuber as a whole, including the leaves. Differences with other onions that utilized the tuber. Green onions often become a herb to enhance the flavor of the food because it is not as sharp as usual onions. The content of quercetin in green onions acts as antioxidants with anti-histamine quality. Onion is great for treating colds. Besides that, green onions are also ideal for solving phlegm because it contains some chemicals.

Green onions have long-shaped with white in the bottom, and its tuber is white. While the rod slightly green, the leaves are green. With a delicate flavor, green onion adds spice to taste the dish. Even widely used as a complementary dish sprinkled over food. Green onions have a length of about 50cm. Utilized are the bulbs until the leaves while the roots are removed. The process of planting green onions can be done easily, can be potted or above ground that has been made beds from being inundated. Green onions not only become an idol in giving flavor to food but also give a positive effect on health. There are many health benefits of green onions, and we will write only some important of them, may be useful.

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Health Benefits of Green Onions

Green onions have many health benefits such as health benefits of garlic or onion. Green onions often a sprinkling on soup, sauteed, and noodle dishes. Besides, green onions are also good for health can even be a traditional medicine for several health complaints. Here we look at the benefits of green onions for health as well as the content and the nutrition facts therein.

1. Reduce inflammation
One of the main advantages of green onions is to reduce inflammation. Green onions contain Quercetin which is an antioxidant that is useful for anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. Also, green onions contain chromium mineral that important to manage glucose in the body and helps to keep the macro nutrients.

Green Onions contain vitamin C, which is not only beneficial to the body’s defenses but also useful to maintain the body from chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, wrinkles, and eye pain. Among the nutrients in green onions are fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, and copper.

2. Overcoming runny nose
Health benefits of green onions for a nose. A runny nose or a cold can be overcome with this onions. Take the green onions and finely grow up to be used to moisten the cotton. After that, use cotton to swab in the nose. It could solve the problem of nasal congestion. If you have trouble sleeping at night, try placing a bundle of green onions on onion pillow.

3. Overcoming sore throat
For a sore throat, you can use green onions, but grab the white part that closes to the root. Cut into several pieces and put in a cloth bag for steamed. For better results, combine the grated ginger and salt. Then heat this herb and place in some areas of the body for treatment. Among them are the throat, feet, hands, chest, back, and armpits. This herb can reduce heat and pain.

4. Treat the feet swollen
Furthermore, the health benefits of green onions are to treat leg swelling. Take the rod green onions and steamed for a few minutes. Then crushed to a paste. Put on a swollen foot section. This simple way has been used since centuries ago.

5. Prevent Arthritis
Green onions famous for its ability to prevent arthritis. Sulfur content acts as an anti-inflammatory and controlling osteoarthritis.

6. Contains Quercetin
Quercetin is found in green onions, and these compounds serve as antioxidants that are beneficial for reducing the effects of free radicals that cause DNA damage and even cause cancer cells. While the “University of Maryland Medical Center” says that quercetin may reduce the risk of heart attack and lower the bad cholesterol or LDL.

7. Controlling blood sugar
Then, health benefits of green onions are to control blood sugar levels. Green Onions contain allyl propyl disulfide substances which are useful in lowering blood sugar levels and improve the ability to tolerate glucose. So consume green onions are exquisite for diabetic patients.

8. Fantastic for eye
Benefits of green onions are also visible. Onions contain lutein, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin. These are the compound that is often associated with eye health. The compounds useful for inhibiting the development of cataracts and macular degeneration due to age

9. Prevent Cancer
Green onions are also helpful in preventing cancer. Consuming green onion leaves functioning as a medical therapy. The content of vitamin C, antioxidants can prevent and inhibit cancer cells, including eliminating skin tissue damage.

10. Low calorie
Green onion leaves contain few calories that beneficial for those who are dieting to lose weight. In one cup of green onions contains about 32 calories.

11. Improve Heart Health
Leek is very famous for its health benefits. Mineral like potassium in the leaves of green onions is the reason why green leek good for heart health.

12. Reduce high cholesterol and high blood pressure levels
Health benefits of green onions also lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is thanks to the sulfur content therein. It is also useful to reduce the risk of heart disease.

How to choose green onions

Green onions can be found easily at any traditional market. Choose fresh; the leaves are still crisp. Likewise with the tuber is still hard aka no signs of wilting.

Facts of Green Onions Nutritional Value

Below is table for Nutrient value of green onions in per 100 g

(Source: USDA National Nutrient data base)


Nutrient Value

Percentage of RDA

Carbohydrates7.34 g6%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber2.6 g7%
Energy32 Kcal1%
Protein1.83 g3%
Total Fat0.30 g1%


Folates64 µg16%
Niacin0.525 mg3%
Pantothenic acid0.075 mg1.5%
Pyridoxine0.61 mg5%
Riboflavin0.080 mg6%
Thiamin0.055 mg5%
Vitamin A997 IU33%
Vitamin C18.8 mg31%
Vitamin E0.55 mg4%
Vitamin K207 µg172%


Potassium276 mg6%
Sodium16 mg1%


Calcium72 mg7 %
Copper0.083 mg9%
Iron1.48 mg18.5%
Magnesium20 mg5%
Manganese0.160 mg7%
Phosphorus37 mg5%
Selenium0.6 µg1%
Zinc0.39 mg3.5%


Carotene-ß598 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß0 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin1137 µg

Those are some health benefits of green onions and fact of nutritional value therein. Consuming green onions can be done by sown over noodles, on top of the soup or stir fry dishes.

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