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7 Health Benefits of Fasting During Ramadan

by Sarah Syakira

7 health benefits of fasting – Ramadan is a month of glorious provides various favors to the servant of God. The month of Ramadan is always lively with various celebrations such as breaking the fast together, or with many good culinary dishes.

The Ramadan is a month that required fasting for a whole month.

People with fast enjoying food twice a day, when the night of fajar (sahoor) and when breaking the fast (maghrib).

Fasting is preventing food and avoid consuming a variety of foods and beverages and avoid any restrictions during fasting like putting something into an open cavity, berate and others reprehensible.

Fasting is not just a practice of worship but also has a health value. There are many health benefits of fasting for that need to know, so we are more diligent in fasting.

Here we see health benefits of fasting during Ramadan

1. Help you lose weight
One of the health benefits of fasting is to assist you in losing weight. If you stay away from oily foods and sugary foods, then you can lose weight easily. Remember! Stay away from sugary and greasy foods.

2. Improve Alertness
Fasting during Ramadan is very important to raise awareness and boost mental control. When there is food you will refrain from food, the food is as good as any.

3. Lowering Cholesterol
During Ramadan we only eat in the night, it certainly can reduce cholesterol in the blood. Fats and plague in the blood can subtract thanks to confine food (only food for iftar and sahur time).

4. Removing the toxins in the body
Fasting is the best way of removing toxins from the body. Avoid foods and not consume junkfoods can help the body’s metabolism to remove toxins from the body.

5. Helps Curb addiction
Benefits of fasting for health is to help curb addiction. Crimes are strictly prohibited in Islam, but Muslims tends to avoid various sinners in the month of Ramadan.

6. Boost immunity
Furthermore, the health benefits of fasting are to improve immunity. Various studies show that fasting can maintain immunity and improve immunity.

The thing to watch for Ramadan is not to consume instant foods, oily and reduce sugary foods.

7. Lowering blood pressure
During fasting metabolic rate decreases and fat in the blood is also reduced. It can lower blood pressure and a variety of diseases associated with blood pressure.

Thus, some health benefits of fasting, to determine the health effects of fasting expected us to love with this service and able to carry out with sincerity.

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