22 Best Health Benefits of Dates

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The health benefits of eating dates daily – Dates are healthy foods that grow in desert areas or hot climates. Dates have many health benefits due to the content of a variety of minerals and vitamins in it. Dates nice as a substitute snack for those of you who want to get live healthier.

If you are one who likes to snack, then replace your snack with dates. Dates are healthier as a snack compared to fast food or other junk foods that have a lot of adverse effects to health.

health benefits of eating dates daily

Why palm provides many benefits for your health? because dates contain a lot of minerals and vitamins which are phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, iron, sulfur, calcium, and oil. To get the most from date palm is recommended that we consume every day.

Even many of those who consume pasta dates for accelerating recovery after illness. Extraordinary benefits of dates could even prevent stomach cancer, but you are advised not to consume in excessive amounts.

Dates are also source of potassium, a substance that is good for the health of the nerves, while the fiber content is also good for digestion. Let’s see more detail about the health benefits of dates.

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Dates Daily

1. Adequate iron needs

Dates are an important food for red blood cells because they contain a lot of iron. Women often experience anemia is very important to consume foods that contain iron.

2. Prevent constipation

Constipation is a common digestive problems, especially in pregnant women. Soak some dates overnight, then drink water when morning. This will help your bowel movements and facilitate defecation.

3. Lowering bad cholesterol levels

The cholesterol level in the blood is very dangerous for heart health. Then it should be minimized by good. Dates are foods that can lower bad cholesterol and maintain healthy arteries.

4. Source of Energy

To get this incredible benefit you can make a simple concoction of dates. Mix the dates, honey and milk and make a healthy drink throughout the day. These drinks not only increase your stamina but it also can increase the libido.

health benefits of dates for pregnancy

5. Prevent diarrhea

The health benefits of eating dates daily also can prevent diarrhea. Dates contain potassium which is in charge of preventing diarrhea and provide benefits to the gut.

6. Reduce high blood pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure can try to consume dates every day in a certain amount. Most them suggested to consume dates as much as 3-4 seeds every day.

7. Healthy for the heart

Dates health benefits for the heart. The heart is the most important organ that works for a variety of bodily functions. Then maintaining heart health is an obligation for anyone. Consume dates every day is one form of custody to heart health.

Soak Dates overnight and eat in the morning, consume every day can keep your heart healthy.

8. Set weight

One of the health benefits of eating dates which is preferred is to lose weight. Dates is a glut of food and a high content allowing you to keep your hunger so that you are not stimulated to eat a lot.

Those are some of the health benefits of eating dates daily. To note is not consume dates in large numbers because it was feared could raise blood sugar.

Another Health Benefits of Eating Dates

9. Prevent Cancer

Dates are fruits that are rich in antioxidants; the content is very beneficial for health in counteracting free radicals that cause cell abnormalities. Regularly consume dates fruit is the right way to prevent cancer.

10. Rich in fiber

High fiber content in dates makes the fruit is excellent for digestion. Fiber is an important element that the body needs to move the stool well so quickly excreted from the body. Not only that but the health benefits of dates are also useful for lowering cholesterol in the body.

11. Tannin

Tannin are essential minerals that commonly obtained in some food, including dates. Tannin are also useful as antioxidants that are beneficial for preventing infection and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

12. Iron

Dates health benefits due to iron content. Iron is an essential mineral for the health of the blood so that it can lead to iron deficiency anemia.

13. Rich in calcium

Calcium content in dates makes the fruit exquisite for healthy teeth and bones. Calcium is an essential substance for health. Also, calcium that get in dates is also magnificent for muscle contraction.

14. Content of Manganese

In the dates fruit also contains manganese. Do you know what it is manganese? Manganese is a substance that is rich in antioxidant enzymes and can prevent cancer cells.

15. Magnesium

Dates health benefits of magnesium content were also equal to the benefits of calcium that helps build bones and teeth and maintain their health.

16. Containing Copper

Copper is another substance found in palm fruit, copper become important material because it can produce red blood cells. So copper play a role in balancing blood cells.

17. Rich in vitamins

Palm fruit also contains vitamins essential for a healthy body. Among the vitamins included in the palm fruit is a B-complex, vitamin K and vitamin A. So, the health benefits of palm fruit also can keep the skin and eyes.

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Dates Health Benefits for Pregnancy

Pregnant women need power, requires a stable blood, it is highly advised you to take a lot of dates. Date fruit gives intense energy after childbirth and can add red blood cells that needed during pregnancy. The fetus should be enough in red blood cells and calcium and iron for his development.

Best Health Benefits of Dates for prenant

That’s why pregnant women often suffer from anemia. Lack of red blood due to needed by the fetus in the womb. Date fruit can overcome this problem because it is a good source of iron. The body easily absorbs the content of sugar in dates fruit, so even sweet taste, the dates remain safe to eat diabetics. Benefits of dates for pregnant women not only for mothers alone but for the sake of supporting growth and development of the baby in the womb.

Date palm fruit is excellent for the health of pregnant women. Then, what are the benefits? Here are some health benefits of dates for pregnancy.

18. Decrease the uterus

Health Benefits of Dates after childbirth is for shrink the uterus. Shrink the blood vessels in the uterus, so that can make the uterus smaller, this is due to the palm fruit contains pouch in hormones.

19. Accelerating breast milk production

Breast milk is an important drink of pregnancy that needed by the fetus. Expensive as anything you buy baby formula, breast milk is still is not replaceable, so make sure that breast milk is always existing, and one way is by eating the fruit of dates. Health benefits of dates for pregnancy is very pronounced in the case of the milk. For those of you who are breastfeeding can also consume palm fruit.

20. Accelerating defecation

Furthermore, the health benefits of dates for pregnancy is smoothing bowel movement. Dates are the fruit rich in fiber. Pregnant women who have just given birth prohibited straining while defecating, because it was feared stitches can be torn. Therefore, digestion must remain smooth, dates could be a solution. Fiber content in dates could launch this one issue.

21. Provide extra energy after childbirth

The other health benefits of dates for pregnancy is restored the power that expanded during the birth process. For the knowledge that in a date contains 1.8 to 2 percent, fiber 2-4%, 50-57% glucose.

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22. Facilitate the growth of the teeth below the gum

Indeed, within in 8 dates contain a lot of sugar, but contains 5 grams of fiber that is useful for the body. Besides that, the health benefits of dates for pregnancy is help grow teeth in the fetus, this happens because the content of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium in dates.