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Health Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil

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The essential oil of camphor is one of the necessary oils for health. Among the health benefits that have been commonly used are as an antiseptic, stimulant, antispasmodic, anesthetic, decongestants, anti-inflammatory, disinfectants, insecticides, and useful for tranquilizers.

Camphor essential oil obtained from two types of camphor trees. First, the general camphor tree (Cinnamonum camphora), while the second is Borneo camphor (camphora Dryobalanops), this tree comes from Borneo region. Both types of camphor oil have a similar efficacy and benefit, but the different only from aroma and concentration of the compounds in the oil.

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Among the substances present in camphor oil is alcohol, pinene, camphene, borneol, terpenes, safrole, camphor. The camphor essential oil, besides have a soothing aroma, cold, and perennial also has the drug characteristics, so the camphor oil has a myriad of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Camphor Essential Oil

1. Carminative

The camphor essential oil greatly helps the problem of gas in the body. These oils will not allow the gas accumulated in the stomach. Furthermore, this essential oil is also useful to expel the gasses that already accrued in the stomach.

2. Stimulants and sweat

The health benefits of camphor essential oils is a stimulant and helps remove perspiration. It’s served in the increased metabolism, improve blood circulation, secretions, and excretions.

This trait is useful for treating some health complaints such as diseases related to blood circulation, digestion, slow metabolism, secretion is inhibited, and other conditions.

3. Anesthetic & Nervous Pacifier

Camphor essential oils also have benefits as a safe anesthetic and known to be useful for local anesthesia. When you apply this oil, you will feel “numb” in that area. Well, this effect is helpful in reducing seizures, neurological disorders, anxiety and chronic stress.

4. As antiseptics, insecticides, disinfectants, and disinfectant

Camphor essential oil benefits for overall health. The essential oil is an excellent disinfectant, insecticide, and disinfectant in the body. You can add camphor essential oils in drinking water to eradicate the pest, especially during winter and summer, when the water has great potential for developing a lot of germs.

Camphor essential oil is also useful to repel insects. The trick is done by burn a cloth that has been dying in camphor oil, with this way the insects will go. You can also use Camphor essential oil to keep the grains from insects. Mix the seeds with a drop or two drops of camphor oil, the insects no longer dared to approach. Camphor oil is also used in various medical preparations such as ointment and lotion to kill bacteria and fungi.

Benefits of camphor essential oils also can keep the body from germs and bacteria. You can mix camphor oil to bath water and use to clean your entire body. This oil will kill the tiny parasites, fleas, and various types of bacteria that may be attached to your body.

5. Antispasmodic

Antispasmodic in camphor essential oil is best to be able to provide direct assistance to the problem spasms and cramps. This oil is also important in treating cholera.

6. Aphrodisiac

Camphor oil health benefits as an Aphrodisiac. This oil can be consumed when combined with other. Even taking camphor essential oil helpful to increase desire and male libido. While the benefits, when used on the outside, is to provide healing for erectile problems and can improve blood flow to applied area.

7. Anti-inflammation and sedative

Cool effects and camphor oil penetration making it as anti-inflammatory and as a sedative agent. So, this oil helps almost all kinds of inflammation. This oil also gives a sense of peace and quiet and fresh. To get the fresh and cold sensations you can use it in a bath water, your body will feel cold and uncomfortable, especially if you use to bath water in summer.

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8. Antineuralgic

With the content Antineuralgic, Camphor oil can be used to treat swelling of the blood vessels. It will contract blood vessels, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerve.

9. Decongestant

Benefits of camphor essential oil as a decongestant. The aroma is strong, and penetrating is functioned as a powerful decongestant. This scent will provide congestion relief in the bronchi, pharynx, nasal tracts, larynx, and lungs.

10. Anti-arthritic, antirheumatic and antiphlogistic

Camphor oil stimulates blood circulation and therefore become a panacea in dealing with some health problems such as arthritis, gout, rheumatism. This oil is also good as a cure swelling of the body. There are also many other things which are influenced by the circulation of blood.

Another Benefit of Camphor Essential Oil

Health benefits of camphor essential oil not just to be here, but sometimes also used in heart failure problem, certainly in combination with other drugs. Besides, the camphor oil is also beneficial for treating epilepsy, hysteria, measles, whooping cough, flu, food poisoning, insect bites and infections of the reproductive organs.

Although camphor essential oil edible and can mix with food, but never take on overdoses.

Camphor oil is toxic and if ingested in large quantities can be dangerous and fatal, even can be deadly if consumed up to 2 grams. Symptoms of toxins in the human body is a decrease in body temperature, extreme thirst, vomiting. Keep in mind that the poison for insects also can be poison for humans. If you do not dare to use it, ask a doctor.

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