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Top 10 Health Benefits of Apples

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Here we will talk about health benefits of apples. Apples are crunchy fruit that has a lot of health benefits. This Crispy Fruit is good for the health of the mouth and teeth, even teeth cleaning of leftover food stuck. But do not stop here, the Apple fruit benefits for health is huge, so there is a proverb says “eating an apple/day will keep you away from the doctor”.

This sentence is certainly not unreasonable. Some nutrients in this crisp fruit make it much sought after, and even these are expensive. Here are ten benefits of apples for your body.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Apples

1. Maintaining bone health

Apple for Maintaining bone health

Apples have at the expected benefit that useful to protect bones of porous. Consuming apple fruit regularly will keep the post-menopausal women from osteoporosis avoided, and increasing bone mass. Flavonoid is an important substance in the case.

In addition to flavonoids, in apples also exist, Boron, i.e., It’s an important substance that useful to strengthen the bones.

2. Prevent Al-Alzheimer

The risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in man or woman can reduce by eating the apple fruit. A study conducted at Cornell University stated the conclusions. The quercetin content in apples can keep the brain from free radicals, this radical often lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Prevent Asthma

The next benefits of apples are preventing asthma problem. A new study stated that children with frequently consume apple fruit juice every day have a very low possibility of getting a respiratory disease of children who drink the apple juice once time a month.

Also, other research says that pregnant women who like to drink apple juice will give birth a child with very low asthma possibility than women who did not like the apples.

4. Lowering bad cholesterol

Other apples health benefits are lowering bad cholesterol. Consume at least two apples a day would be a natural home remedy in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL. Of course this is a great health benefit of apples, considering to the bad cholesterol can triggers for various malignancies. At least with two apples a day will lower bad cholesterol up to 15%.

5. Prevent lung cancer

Then, health benefits of apples are preventing lung cancer food, especially lung cancer. A study done by 10 000 people, tell that people widely consumed apples fruit may reduce the risk of lung cancer to 50%. The researchers say that flavonoid, quercetin and naringin substances in apple fruit can reduce a risk of lung disease.

6. Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer

There was a study at Cornell University. They make experiments on mice, and say that mice that ate an apple/day have a risk of breast cancer less 17% to the mice that ate apples three times. The mice get 39% lower risk of breast cancer.

7. Prevent colon cancer

Other useful of apple is preventing colon cancer. The disease includes a malignancy, it’s can be threatening the life. Consume apples regularly will give tremendous benefits to our health in preventing this disease. The content of pectin in apple skin makes colon cancer away far.

The health benefits of apples as the result of the study conducted by scientists found that mice eat the skin apple fruit extract containing pectin is lower to 43%.

8. Prevent liver cancer

Besides that, this research also says can lower the risk of gastrointestinal cancer. Apple skin extract that eat by mice also reduces the risk of liver cancer to 57%, because the content of antioxidants in apples has the function of detoxification or removal of toxins.

9. Controlling diabetes

Another Health benefits of apples are keeping the body from diabetes problem. Pectin that find in apple skin will supply galacturonic acid, it’s beneficial for lowering body needs to release the insulin hormone (a hormone that causes diabetes). Thus, high insulin production can lead diabetes.

Therefore, apples are also useful for controlling of diabetes in a person due to genetic factors.

10. Lose weight

Apples are good fruit for you who want to lose weigh. It’s high fiber rich fruit, and this is has a huge useful. Studies in Brazil showed that women who ate apples or pears at least three times a day for a diet will lose weight faster than those who do not incorporate fruits into their menu.

These are 10 best apple fruit health benefits that we have collected it from some trust resources. so a lot of people like to eat apples.

However, consumption apple fruit also has to be careful, because some apples are contaminating with the virus, like import apples from the United States some time ago.

Then, for getting this health benefits, you must consume apple fruit with the skin because the pectin in apple skin giving tremendous benefits than in apple flash.