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Health Benefits of Lotus Flower, Nutrition Value, and Characteristics

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Lotus flower – The lotus flower is an unique flower because it was growing with proliferation over the water, unlike other flowers that must use the soils media to thrive. The lotus flower is usually found in the pond, or marsh and the quiet water place. Benefits of lotus flowers not only as an ornamental pond and food for fish but the lotus is also beneficial to human health.

Characteristics of Lotus

Before we see more about the health benefits of lotus flower, let’s look at the characteristics of flower that grows on water. Not all the flowers that grow on the water is the lotus, then we need to know the unique characteristics so it is not wrong in choosing.

Lotus is a Hydro-fit plant, a plant that grows on the water. This plant has a round leaf shape and big. Lotus leaf is usually one to two meters in diameter. The spread petiole length from the ground up to the surface so it looks like a caress-roots.

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While the lotus-shaped upright flower stalks and flowers are layered like roses. The color is also similar to the color of roses. While the proliferation of lotus is happening with buds and seed.

Nutritional Value of Lotus Flower

The lotus flower contains a number of nutrients that are essential for human health, which is why the interest is not only useful as a place to live fish or various water biota. With so many nutrients in the lotus flower, so the flower is recognized with health benefits. Here’s the nutritional value of lotus

In a lotus flower containing fats, fiber, vitamin B1, calcium, Vitamin B7, vitamin C, phosphorus, carotene, protein, minerals, iron and nicotinic acid. The content of this varied nutritional value makes the lotus flower has a good benefit for recovering a variety of health problems. In ancient medicine, the lotus flower has long been used for herbal. Here we see the lotus flower for health benefits.

Health Benefits of Lotus Flower

1. Cough medicine
The health benefits of lotus flowers which are a treat coughing up blood. It is contains substances that are present in the reeds. The substances are nicotinic, these substances are beneficial to stop vomiting blood, but there are combinations that you need to know. Here’s way to make medicine for blood coughing.

Take the lotus rhizome and create as juice drinks, enter the water as much as 200 cc, drink lotus rhizome juice 3 times a day, drink regularly to get optimally benefits.

2. Treating diarrhea that accompanied by vomiting
Furthermore, the health benefits of lotus flower is treat diarrhea that accompanied by vomiting. In these conditions our body loses a lot of fluid, then we need a drink or food that can replace fluids. You can take advantage of a lotus juice, lotus juice contains a number of minerals that can replace lost body fluids.

How to create a lotus juice is by prepare 50 grams of lotus rhizome and 10 grams of ginger rhizome. Rinse both material forĀ  juice. Drink this juice 3 times a day.

3. Medicine for dysentery
The lotus flower is also useful as a remedy for dysentery. Dysentery patients will usually lack of body fluids, it must be replaced by other healthy fluids. Below we look at how to make herbal from lotus to treat dysentery.

Provide lotus rhizome as much as 50 grams, 10 grams of ginger grated, squeeze the juice. Add 100 cc of water and boil until boiling. Then let stand until cool, drink by adding 1 tablespoon of honey. It is aims to sweet taste.

4. High Blood Pressure Medication
Health benefits of lotus for blood pressure. For those who suffer from high blood pressure should be treated in order to avoid things that are not in want. To treat high blood pressure and normalize blood, we can use the lotus buds because the buds contain good fats that are beneficial for lowering high blood pressure. How to make herbal are as follows:

10 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of lotus buds, mix these ingredients with 350 cc of water. Boil until boiling and the remaining 200 cc, drink the cooking water regularly.

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5. Treating nosebleeds
In addition to treating high blood pressure, lotus is also beneficial for treating nosebleeds. This is a result of the amount of iron in the lotus. How to make potions are:

Take the lotus root and juice, then strain and drops little by little in the nose.

6. Treating insomnia
Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes a person can not sleep. This is dangerous for health. These health problems can be treated by using the lotus flower seeds. Lotus seeds are known to contain phosphorus and vitamins that are useful to soothe and improve the quality of one’s sleep.

How to create a potion is: Soak 12 grams of lotus seeds for 30 minutes, then boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining 1 cup. Then drink the water and eat the seeds. Perform this treatment several times.

7. Treating heartburn
Other health benefits of lotus for body. Lotus also known benefits in treating heartburn. How to make this easy concoction.

Prepare as much as 100 grams of lotus rhizome, wash, prepare also 50 grams of reed, boil all this material with 500 cc of water. Reserving the cooking water as much as 250 cc, and drink the cooking water after being filtered.

8. Treating swelling and irritation
Another health benefit of lotus flower is treat irritation and swelling of the eyes. Lotus containing carotene are beneficial to cope with the swelling, you can make a potion with ease, here’s how:

Provide 3 grams of lotus seeds, 9 grams of chrysanthemums and disposed of in a clean cloth, steamed for 30 minutes. When this herb is almost cold, used to compress the eye swelling or irritation. Should be done in the morning and evening.

9. Treat Stress
Health benefits of lotus flower for psychology are treating stress. If you are often stressed or anxious and psychiatric disorders, use of lotus flowers to create herbal concoctions.

Prepare 20 grains of lotus seeds, longan 15 grams of seeds, grains angcoa 10, and 10 grams of kim cim. Boil these ingredients in 600 cc of water and leave just 300 cc. Drinking boiled water regularly.

Plus, Health Benefits of Lotus Flower

Besides beneficial as medicine and ancient herb, lotus is also helpful to promote the health of the body. Among other benefits of the lotus is healthy eye because the beta-carotene in it, helping the formation of new red blood cells because they iron contain. The fiber content is much useful for diet and weight loss and digestion. Furthermore, lotus rhizome contains a lot of calcium which is useful for forming teeth, and healthy bone.

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