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22 Health Benefits of Figs – Nutrition Fact

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Health benefits of figs – Figs fruit is famous with beneficial for health. Not only famous among men, but the fruit is mentioned in the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. In Surah at-Tin, Allah says: “By the fig and the olive, by Mount Tursina… (at-Tin: 1-2).

In a Prophet Hadith also mentioned about Tin fruit namely: “If I say some fruits come down from heaven, then that’s fig. Therefore, fruits in paradise without seeds. Eat it, because it can stop hemorrhoids and useful to cure gout” (narrated by Abu Darda’)

Based on the word of Allah and the Word of the Prophet on the fig shows that health benefits of figs are very much at all for the human. But before we see the health benefits of figs, let’s look at the nutrition facts as follow.

Ripe Figs fruit health benefits
Ripe Figs fruits

Nutrition Facts of Figs Fruits

The nutrition contain in 100 grams of figs as reported by “California Figs Advisory”.

– Energy 250 kcal 1040 kJ
– Sugar 47.92 g
– Carbohydrates 63.87 g
– Dietary fiber (fiber) 9.8 g
– Vitamin C 1.2 mg 2%
– Fat 0.93 g
– Zinc 0:55 mg 6%
– 2:03 mg 16% Iron
– Calcium 162 mg 16%
– Phosphorus 67 mg 10%
– Protein 3:30 g
– Potassium 680 mg 14%
– Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.085 mg 7%
– Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0082 mg 5%
– Niacin (Vit. B3) 0619 mg 4%
– Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.434 mg 9%
– Magnesium 68 mg 18%
– Vitamin B6 0.106 mg 8%
– Folate (Vit. B9) 9 g 2%

Well, after seeing the list of nutrients in figs turns the nutrients in the fruit is very much at all, so that benefits for humans too extraordinary. Let us see what are the health benefits of figs for.

31 Health Benefits of Figs

1. Overcoming high blood pressure and coronary

Heart disease and high blood pressure have the same cause, namely the narrowing of blood vessels. Narrowing of blood vessels cause high blood pressure and lead to coronary heart disease.

Benefits of Figs can solve this problem because the fig contains magnesium, phosphorus, omega 6, omega 3, and phenol. Some these nutrients are good at overcoming the heart disease and high blood pressure.

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2. Reduce bad cholesterol

The health benefits of figs were also helped by the rich content of fiber. The soluble fiber called pectin highly efficacious for lowering cholesterol in the body.

When pectin enter into the body, then it served for sweep cholesterol and remove it from the excretion system.

3. Useful for diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that characterized by excessive sugar in the blood so that the sufferer would not be allowed to eat sweet foods.

Fig fruit is sweet fruit, but the fruit is not dangerous for diabetics because fructose and glucose in fig do not cause blood sugar to rise.

In addition to glucose, figs also contain carbohydrates and soluble fiber that inhibits the absorption of sugar in the digestive system. Even experts say that the health benefits of figs to be felt by diabetics, but they do not consume in excessive amounts.

4. Preventing heart attack

Figs fruit for health benefits also can prevent heart attacks. A heart attack is a disease that is scary because it could happen anytime. Also, the attacks also led to corpulent people died. Said to be less than one minute died of a heart attack. Then it becomes an obligation to maintain cardiovascular health from an early age.

Heart attacks arise because of the many levels of sodium in the body. Sodium causes narrowing of the arteries and plaque so that the work of the heart in the increasingly severe. Based on research done in Saudi Arabia states that the fig contains a lot of potassium which is helpful to reduce sodium levels in the body. Besides, health experts also say that eating figs 1x per day can prevent from sudden cardiac arrest.

5. Prevent Cancer

The health benefits of figs also can prevent cancer. Not only the dreaded heart attack but also cancer. Cancer arises because the free radicals that kill skin cells that appear abnormal cells.

Consuming figs are helpful to get rid of free radicals because it contains polyphenols, antioxidants. Many cancers can be prevented by eating figs among which cervical cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, etc. While the content of soluble fiber called pectin that is helpful for preventing colon cancer.

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6. Strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis

The content of calcium and phosphorus in the fig make health benefits of figs are enormous in preventing bone loss and bone formation optimally help.

For those aged 30 years and older is critical enough calcium to keep bones strong. As for children to consume calcium useless for bone growth optimally.

The experts say that the content of calcium in figs more than in milk.

7. Raising the height naturally

For those of you who like your body is high, you can consume figs regularly. Calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium were able to give to your altitude.

Fig fruit for health benefits could replace the need of milk, especially for those who are allergic to milk.

8. Fattening body

For some people a diet aimed to lose weight. However, some others want to promote weight. To increase the weight just eating a fig along with milk before bed. You do not need to fear obesity because figs contain fiber that can get rid of the flab, but tightens your body.

dried figs fruit for health benefits
Dried figs fruits

9. Overcoming anemia

Health benefits of figs in overcoming anemia. Fig fruit is beneficial to increase hemoglobin (HB) which is useful in preventing anemia. Increased hemoglobin in the blood is due to the iron content in figs.

10. Overcoming insomnia

Among the health benefits of figs for is overcome insomnia. Based on research that figs contain tryptophan which is useful to provide tranquility, comfortable, and relaxed. So, eating figs good to overcome sleeplessness or insomnia.

11. Sources of complete nutrition

The fig fruit is complete with nutrients, the fig does not contain salt, cholesterol and fat but contains calcium, potassium, fiber, and low in sodium.

Fig fruit contains anti-cancer substances are difficult to find in any other fruit that is benzaldehyde. The complete benefits of figs as it contains various important vitamins for the body such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B.

12. Overcoming constipation

Another advantage of consuming fig fruit as a natural laxative. It has long been used as a natural remedy for the digestive shed so that the bowel becomes easy.

Health benefits of figs fruit not only as a natural laxative but also as a natural ingredient that can keep the digestive system healthy.

13. Treating hemorrhoids

Fig fruit for health benefits can also treat hemorrhoids as was foretold by the Prophet Muhammad in hadist above.

In this case, the study has been carried out accurately and found that figs can indeed prevent inflammation and free radicals that cause more severe hemorrhoids. This benefit is due to the flavonoids in fig.

14. Preventing benign or malignant tumor

The tumor is the scary and frightening disease. Tumors occur because of the growth of abnormal cells. Is said to be benign because this type of tumor is not damaging other tissue around it.

Benzaldehyde and phenol content of work to stop the growth of parasites, fungi, and viruses that cause tumors.

In addition to a benign tumor cure, the fig is also useful to cure a malignant tumor because of the combination of antioxidants and other substances.

15. Accelerate wound healing

Consuming figs are also helpful to accelerate the healing of wounds such as burns, cuts, etc. It is thanks to the content of antiseptic in fig.

These benefits will be optimized when you not only eat figs, but also put it on the wound.

16. Coping with boils and abscesses

Boils and abscesses is a skin disease caused by germs and bacteria that cause infections. Figs contain antibacterial, so it is efficacious to heal ulcers and abscesses.

The trick is not the danger of eating, but you are also required to smear the figs that have been pulverized on the skin problems.

17. Addressing respiratory disorders (asthma)

Respiratory disorders or asthma is a respiratory illness caused by infection with inflammation. This inflammation occurs in the alveoli (the tube into the lungs)

What you should do is drink fig fruit juice once a day. The content of antiseptic and antibacterial in figs quickly cure breathing.

18. Treating throat

Next, the health benefits of figs for is to treat throat problems. Throat disorders occur due to lack of moisture in this section. Consuming figs can solve these problems and speed up healing.

Fig fruit is the fruit with the content of mucus very much so quickly could moisten your throat naturally.

19. Lose weight

Previously, we know that the fig fruit beneficial to promote weight loss when consumed with milk. But the fig helpful for weight loss when consumed without mixture with other foods.

Experts say that the soluble fiber in figs can bind fat which is then removed along with dirt. For useful results, you must combine it with regular exercise.

Health Benefits of Figs Leaf

We have already seen a variety of health benefits of figs for. Not only the fruit is beneficial but also the leaves. Fig leaf has benefits for health.

raw figs and figs leave benefits
Figs and Leaves

20. Lowering triglyceride levels

Triglyceride is a type of cholesterol that should be released from the body. The body has a lot of triglycerides is very dangerous for health.

Getting rid of triglycerides with fig leaf is by making tea from the leaves of tin. Fig leaf tea may help reduce the level of trligliserida and provide refreshment for the body.

21. Shed kidney stones

Tin leaves contain saponins and alkaloids making it useful for a diuretic that can dissolve the dirt in the kidney to the fullest.

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22. Controlling blood sugar

In addition to the fig fruit, fig leaves are also useful for controlling blood sugar levels due to contain insulin sensitivity.

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