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Green vegetables can also be a cause of kidney stones

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Green vegetables can also be a cause of kidney stones. Kidney stone disease is very much in the nature of society. This disease occurs because the stones are not edible but are formed as a collection of magnesium, calcium, and uric acid. It is now known that kidney stones are not only made up of several this compound but can be formed from the food that consumed.

One of the foods that are known is the cause of kidney stones is green vegetables. This is due to the healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and fiber contains high amounts of oxalate. Eating foods high in oxalate in large quantities would increase the amount of oxalate in the urine, it binds with calcium in urine to form calcium oxalate kidney stones.

So what green vegetables that contain many oxalates. Among the green leafy vegetables that contain oxalic include kale, beet greens, chard, spinach, nuts, cocoa powder, wheat bran, and soy.

“It is not known for a sure link between kidney stones and kale, but more and more healthy people who come with complaints of kidney stones. Kidney stones can also be caused by the consumption of foods high in protein,” said Mantu Gupta, MD, Director of The Kidney Stone Center at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Animal protein will accumulate much salt and acids into the urine, which can lead to the appearance of the stone. This is why people who have a vegetarian and vegan diet is rarer in kidney stones, although much eating vegetables.

In addition to consuming green vegetables mentioned above, there are also other factors that cause kidney stones, which are: lineage, obesity, and lack of magnesium.

Urologist, Philip Buffington, MD said, one of the best ways to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation is to reduce the intake of foods high in oxalate. However, that does not mean you have to eliminate the consumption of vegetables daily, but restricted intake alone.

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“To fight oxalate levels and inhibit the formation of kidney stones, the most important thing to do is to consume lots of water, reduce your intake of table salt, and add the juice (such as lemon or orange) in beverages to reduce animal protein,” says Buffington.

In addition, reducing the causes of kidney stones can also by consuming foods that rich in calcium and oxalate simultaneously, as both bind to each other in the stomach and intestines, so it does not settle in the kidneys and urine

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