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Green Tea Shot – Here’s How to Make It

by Sarah Syakira

Green tea shot is similar to kamikaze, but a little brighter and green tea is more refreshing. You can try this drink at your family party to get a new experience with a refreshing drink.

Are you interested in serving this special drink, read on our article until it’s finished.

Green tea shot with ice cube

What is GreenTea Shot?

Green tea shot is a cocktail with a combination of whiskey and made by concocting four other types of ingredients.

  • You can try it with Jameson Irish Whiskey (you can also use other brands you like)
  • Acid mixture
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Sprite and lemon

This drink tastes very sweet and is really very peachy, so it’s not good for you not to like peach schnapps because it feels really schnapps.

green tea shot cup

Where is Green Tea?

This cocktail name comes because the color of the drink is greenish yellow like green tea. Ok, sorry, this green tea is not a drink rich in antioxidants or catechins. Because this is just Green Tea, but it’s not green tea. The color that is similar to green tea causes this drink to be called green tea shot. Even though it does not contain antioxidants, at least this is a pleasant drink when taken by mouth.

How to Make Green Tea shot?

  1. The ingredients you need to make a shot green tea is a shaker, ice cube and the ingredients we mentioned above.
  2. Provide a shake that contains ice cubes, enter whiskey, peach schnapps and sour mix with the same comparison. If so, attach the shaker cap and shake it.
  3. For more fun, pour into a glass and add on top of lemonade or sprite. If you want to taste oranges in your cocktail, I recommend using low sugar lemonade.

That is a refreshing green tea, this will provide your new experience with your friends.

Many ask where I can get these cute little shot glasses, it’s easy to get them, you can buy them online at Amazon.

green tea shot drink cup

Green Tea Shot as a Regular Sized Drink

Are you the type who can consume this drink?

Actually, I don’t like this drink because it is alcohol based. Same with other drinks, but because many ask how to make green tea shot, then I write here.

Ok, this green tea is a drink that contains a little alcohol, for those who like alcohol, maybe they can try it, but for those who don’t like alcohol for various reasons, green tea shot is not a drink for you.

But if the ingredients used are your favorite, maybe you will be able to share your experiences with your friends about these empty antioxidant green tea drinks.

In order for the ice cube to melt on top, shake it longer with the sprite above. No need to add alcohol because this drink contains alcohol.

That’s how to make a green tea shot drink, if this is useful for you, don’t forget to whisper this recipe to your friend.

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