17 Incredible Green Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects

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Green Tea Health Benefits is enormous such as treat acne, keep skin health, reduce cancer, prevent diabetes, prevent Alzheimer etc. Tea has many variations, such as white tea, black tea, green tea, peppermint tea, dandelion tea, Ceylon tea and many more.

One of tea that has many health benefits is green tea. Now, green tea has been commonly found in various regions. Green tea is not only tasty but also provide you a lot of positive effects for health. This tea good to drink in morning as hot drinks. Here we present a variety of green tea health benefits that rarely known.

17 Green Tea Health Benefits For You

1. Maintain skin health

Green tea is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. The content of antioxidants in green tea has the imperative role in keeping the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Also, green tea is beneficial to keep the skin healthy and free of wrinkles. People who consume green tea regularly not only have healthy skin but also avoid the risk of skin cancer.

2. Reduce risk of baldness

Then, green tea can maintain healthy hair in preventing the likelihood of baldness. Baldness is caused by hair loss that occurs continuously, and this is can be overcome by consuming green tea regularly.

Drinking green tea daily will stimulate hair growth and hair acceleration.

green tea for fighting fatigue

3. Clean Acne

Stubborn acne can also be solved with this healthy beverage. Green tea health benefits as an acne cleanser will get by consuming it regularly. Antioxidants in green tea will maintain and accelerate the regeneration of your hair.

5. Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is the indication of a surge in blood sugar levels. However, this condition can be overcome by consuming green tea regularly. Green tea can regulate blood sugar, so it is well consumed by diabetics.

6. Reduce Cancer Risk

Furthermore, Green tea also has huge health benefits for reducing cancer risk. This tea plays a role in the body as an antioxidant which is 100 times more powerful than vitamin C and 24 times more effective than vitamin E. The antioxidants will protect your body from various disease, including cancer.

green tea health benefits7. Prevent Heart Disease

Japanese green tea helps prevent heart damage and stroke in people who have hypertension. The trick is by lowering cholesterol without reducing the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

8. Counteract free radicals

Its one of the beauty secrets of the Japanese women, despite old age, the skin, and the body does not look like an old man who is in our country. That is thanks to antioxidants called polyphenols useful to protects the body against free radicals. Thus, green tea helps fight premature aging. It is the tremendous green tea health benefits.

9. Lowering Cholesterol

Other green tea health benefits is reducing cholesterol levels. Beside that its also helps to lower bad cholesterol levels, as well as maintaining good cholesterol levels are known in the medical world as HDL Cholesterol

10. Prevent Obesity

Green tea prevents obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. If you run a healthy diet with green tea consumption and familiarize exercise every morning, then you can help the success of your diet program.

11. Prevent high sugar levels

In addition to preventing obesity, the health benefits of green tea is preventing high sugar levels in people who have diabetes or not. Drinking herbal tea from Japan will neutralize blood glucose levels and balance the body’s metabolic rate.

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12. Preventing Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s is a disease that attacks the brain, and the effects in patient is difficult to remember and reduce the power of concentration. The cause is cells damage in the brain that makes the brain seemed to shrink. This disorder is usually associated with older people aged over 60 years.

13. Preventing Liver Damage

Green tea will weaken transplantation in patients with liver failure. Research shows that green tea can destroy harmful free radicals that settle in fatty liver.

Great Green Tea Health Benefits With Honey

Do you mix green tea with sugar? It is not good for health. So, to sweeten the green tea you can use other materials instead of sugar. You can put a bit of honey and lemon to add the flavor of your drink.

health benefits of green tea and honey
green tea with honey combination

Lest see what are advantages that you get when drink green tea that mixed with honey.

13. Improving brain function

One of the great benefits from combination of green tea and honey is improve your brain function. So, this drink not only to rejuvenate the skin but also beneficial to your intelligence. The presence of honey in green tea will add flavor and add the better benefits for health. One ingredient in green tea is caffeine, the low caffeine content can make you more focused in every affair.

14. Burn fat

Many people try to lose weight by burning calories in the body. Burning calories can be done in a simple way, it is by consuming green tea. Health benefits of green tea with honey may be more pronounced to expel your body fat.

Actually, green tea is beneficial to increase body’s metabolism while honey is reduce calories. Thus, the oxidation of fat in this way will increase to 17%.

Drinks to Help Lose Weight15. Preventing cancer risk

The health benefits of green tea with honey is also good for preventing cancer risk. Its combination will give lots of antioxidants for body. Antioxidants are important substances in foods or beverages that are needed to alleviate the risk of cancer.

16. Good for dental health

Some people stay away from green tea because of concerns about the problem of teeth. Whereas the combination of green tea with honey produce catechins. Its substance that is useful in maintaining dental health. The presence of catechins in both of drinks will kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. So, this is one of the great benefits of drinking green tea with honey.

17. Good for bone health

The main problem that many people dreaded is osteoporosis. Consuming green tea with honey can be one delicious drink and strengthen bones and prevent loss. By consuming on a regular basis, you will feel good bone health gradually.

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Side Effects of Green Tea

Beside load with health benefits, green tea also has many side effects. The bigger effects is impact in pregnant women. This effect is risk of miscarriage. For more details about the side effects of green tea, here we dive it for some as report boldsky.com

1. Led to abdominal pain

Tannin content in green tea led to increased stomach acidity. It causes abdominal pain, so consume green tea on an empty stomach should be avoided.

2. Lack of blood and iron.

The green tea side effects can also cause anemia. If you consume green tea in an unnatural amount of the absorption of iron from food is inhibited. This will cause a shortage of red blood cells.

3. Headache

Another side effect of green tea is headache. Based on research, the caffeine in green tea is a major factor for chronic headaches. For this reason, green tea is forbidden to drink for sufferer from migraine and vertigo.

4. Sleep disturbance

The caffeine content in green tea will trigger side effects for sleep and anxiety. Just as drinking coffee, then you will be hard when asleep.

5. Irregular heartbeat

Its also relate to heartbeat. Consuming green tea in excessive amount can cause irregular heartbeat. When you’re resting, heart muscle will contract. Not impossible it is lead to cardiovascular problems.

6. Diarrhea

Diarrhea can also be a side effect of green tea drinking. Caffeine stimulates the intestinal muscles to contract and relaxed. It is will force the body to excrete feces, causing stomach problems such as diarrhea.

These are some important information about green tea from its health benefits to side effects. Green tea has many health benefits, but you also have to be careful with its side effects. Instead, we drink not exceed in order to avoid adverse effects.