Grated Bitter Gourd Recipes For control diabetes

Grated Bitter Gourd Recipes For control diabetes and lose weight

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Grated Bitter Gourd Recipes For control diabetes and lose weight. Humans and nature are united in life and are attached to one another. In this modern life, man is also never separated from nature because humans themselves are part of that nature.

Humans, from the past until now always rely on nature for its survival. This modern era of various drugs can be made for various diseases, but taking the drug can not be separated from the side effects.

Now people are thinking again to return to nature in totality. So also in terms of treatment, because natural treatment is considered the best and cheapest treatment.

The natural treatment that has been used thousands of years ago is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a natural treatment method that has existed since the 5000s of last year. This method helps the human body fully to control itself from disease.

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Based on the science of Ayurveda, body and mind have a link that can heal and even change the body.

So, nowadays many people are taking the natural way for various cures like diabetes and losing weight.

In this article we will share the medical science from nature. This is a Bitter Gourd recipe for diabetes control and overweight.

Bitter Gourd contains P-polypeptide and charantin, this substance is similar to insulin. It can purify the blood and lose weight. In addition, Bitter Gourd is also rich in anti-oxidants that work against free radicals.

Consuming Bitter Gourd can lower blood sugar levels, and increase beta cells in the pancreas. If there is an increase in insulin, blood sugar levels decrease and eventually lose weight as well.

Here’s a Bitter Gourd recipe that benefits greatly to overcome your problems associated with blood sugar (diabetes) and overweight.

Grated Bitter Gourd Recipes For Diabetes Control

For Controlling Diabetes

1) The First Recipe: Simple Bitter Gourd Juice

This is a simple drug drink using gourd bitter as its main ingredient. Drink this juice regularly to get a satisfactory result.


– Salt a little
– 1/2 lemon
– 1 bitter gourd

How to manufacture:

  1. Take Bitter gourd and grate well
  2. Take water in a bowl and add salt
  3. Put the bitter gourd that is already in the scar and soak for 15 minutes
  4. Pour water and put the gourd bitter into the blender, add a little water
  5. Blend until smooth, strain for easy drinking. Drink with a little lemon juice.

2) The second recipe: Beetroot And Apple Juice

How to use the gourd bitter for diabetes by combining it with apples and beetroot.


– 1 bitter gourd
– 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
– a little salt
– 1 apple
– little black pepper powder

How to make potions:

  1. Grate bitter gourd after peeling the skin
  2. Just as above, soak for 15 minutes in brine
  3. Then, cut the apple cube-shaped
  4. Then dispose of the bitter gourd bath first, put the gourd bitter in the blender, put also the apple and a little water
  5. Blend, strain and drink daily.

For Weight Loss

Grated Bitter Gourd Recipes For control diabetes

1) The first recipe: Bitter Gourd And Carrot Juice:

This time we make a recipe with a mixture of carrots, bitter gourd and other nutritious vegetables. Check out the ingredients!

The ingredients are:

– 1 cup of water
– Salt to taste
– 1 bitter gourd
– Half a carrot

Method of making potions

  1. Grate carrot and bitter gourd
  2. Enter directly into the blender and fill with one glass of water, put a little salt
  3. After being juice, strain and add a little lemon juice.

2) The second recipe: Bitter Gourd And Pineapple Juice

Furthermore, gourd bitter recipes for diabetes and weight are combining gourd bitter with pineapple. Bitter gourd adds flavor when consumed with fruit. While pineapple is a fruit that can lose weight quickly naturally.

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The ingredients are:

– 1 bitter gourd
– 1 cup of pineapple pieces
– Salt to taste
– ½ a cup of cucumber

Method of manufacture:

  1. Grate bitter gourd that you have peeled
  2. Then put it into pineapple and cucumber pieces
  3. Next, blender to blend
  4. Strain and enjoy healthy juices to lose weight and control diabetes.
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