7 Foods to Increase Number of Platelets

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Foods to increase number of platelets – Platelets are red blood cells that play a role in blood clotting. Normal platelet count is 150 thousand/microliter of blood to 450 thousand. If the platelet count is less than it was, then someone certainly had problems with his health. Among these problems is the presence of cancer, infections, or an attack of dengue fever. In some cases, pregnant people may also experience a decrease in platelets.

In the matter of dengue fever, if someone is already at a critical level, it could cause bleeding, both when defecate, when vomiting or nosebleed. It is because the red blood cells rupture and blood clots do not exist. This condition is very dangerous because it can be life-threatening. The blood clotting process is called thrombosis.

People who are experiencing a shortage of platelets must be hospitalized up to the amount of platelet count rises to normal levels. However, you can also try natural ingredients or Foods to Increase Number of Platelets. In general, food plays a role in improving our health, only the unhealthy foods that could lead to poor sanitary conditions.

7 Foods to Increase Number of Platelets

1. Green leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables Very beautiful consumed by those who experienced in platelets decrease. One compound in green vegetables is vitamin K; vitamin K helps in the clotting of red blood cells so that cell damage caused by a particular virus can be overcome.

2. Antioxidants
Furthermore, foods to increase the number of platelets is foods that contain antioxidants. Papaya is one of them. Consuming papaya or papaya juice is magnificent for increasing platelets. Read {health benefits papaya}

3. Vitamin C
Consuming foods rich in vitamin C such as broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers and various citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. If vitamin C is consumed every day, then this could significantly increase the number of platelets.

4. Calcium
Next, the foods to enhance the number of the platelet is foods that contain calcium. The best sources of calcium is milk or foods made from milk such as such as curd, cottage cheese. Dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts are also good sources of calcium.

5. Low Fat meat
The Count of platelets can also be increased by eating foods low in fat, meat and fish. This food is a source of vitamin B12 and zinc. The immune system will increase, and the number of red blood cells will also increase.

6. Wheat Grass
Wheat grass is a healthy food that few people know, wheat grass juice if consumed every day can significantly boost platelet.

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7. Folic Acid
Folic acid is the other important substances that plays a role in maintaining the balance of platelets. In pregnant women, folic acid deficiency is also known to decrease platelets.

Foods to increase number of platelets is also found in foods that contain folic acid. Among the foods that contain folic acid is lentils, cereals, and beans.

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