Foods High In Estrogen

Foods High In Estrogen – 10 Foods to Boost Your Estrogen

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Every person is important to maintain estrogen balance because it plays an important role for health. An easy way to increase estrogen and maintain its stability is to consume certain foods. In this article, we will talk about healthy foods high in Estrogen.

Here are at least ten types of foods to increase estrogen that you need to know.

1. Tofu

This is food from soy sources. It is naturally high in phytoestrogens, especially isoflavones. Tofu is easy to process for various types of dishes so consuming tofu is not an obstacle. If you know or are told by a doctor that your body is deficient in estrogen, try entering the tofu in your daily diet menu.

You can make stir-fry, tofu soup or clear vegetables with tofu.

2. Flax Seeds

Flaxseed is a type of grains rich in lignans, this is a type of phytoestrogens. Regular consumption of flaxseed can increase the body’s amount of estrogen which is good for health.

Usually, flaxseed is used on bread, cereal, smoothies or in salads.

3. Fennel

Furthermore, people lacking estrogen must consume fennel. These are flavourful herbs that are often used in various dishes. It is good for consumption because it is rich in phytoestrogens. So, it is included in the list of foods high in estrogen.

4. Sesame Seeds

This is the same grain as flaxseed. They are rich in lignans so they are included in the list of foods to increase estrogen. This is the best choice to meet the need for estrogen. In one ounce it contains 11.2mg of lignans.

5. Alfalfa Sprouts

This is a salad supplement that is rich in nutrients. Alfalfa Sprouts is high in vitamin K and vitamin C so it should be considered a healthy food for daily needs. In addition, Alfalfa Sprouts is also rich in phytoestrogens. The health benefits of Alfalfa are very much when harvested or consumed when they grow. For 100 grams Alfalfa contains 441.2g phytoestrogens.

6. Soybeans

Soybeans are also known as edamame. The raw material for making tofu is a high food source of phytoestrogens. It is one type of food that is good for increasing the amount of estrogen. Soybeans can be made as tasty snacks and this is an easy way to consume lots of estrogen.

7. Hummus

Hummus is processing foods from chickpeas, for 100 grams they contain 993mcg phytoestrogens. It is a great idea to make a snack with vegetables. To balance and prevent estrogen deficiency, you are advised to consume hummus regularly. You can consume once a week or twice.

8. Garlic

Garlic is synonymous with bad smell, but behind that, it is rich in benefits. For more, please see the health benefits of garlic. One of them is a food high in isoflavonoids, and phytoestrogens. Consuming garlic is the easiest way to put estrogen into your body.

Garlic is better known as spices, it has always been a spice of trouble throughout the world. You can add garlic to various dishes.

9. Wholegrain Bread

Furthermore, foods high in estrogen are wholegrain bread. It contains wholegrain such as flax, rye, wheat, barley or oats. They are all foods rich in lignans. Lignans are a type of phytoestrogen.

10. Dried Fruit

Furthermore, foods to increase estrogen are dry fruits. Dried fruits like apricots, dates, or prunes contain a lot of phytoestrogens. So, to get plenty of estrogens, consume fruit after it is dry. Apricot fruit contains 445.5mcg in every 100 grams.

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