Foods High in Glutamine, Boost Your Muscle Strength

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Today we are going to talk about foods high in glutamine. Before we go any further, what exactly glutamine is? Many people do not know about glutamine and some have never even heard of.

Glutamine is the most important amino acid in our body and has an incredible role and function. Most of the glutamine is present in the lungs and skeletal muscles and has a series of very complex and important functions. Among the benefits are maintaining digestive health, repairing body tissue damage, boosting immunity, and eliminating waste such as ammonia in the body.

Foods High in Glutamine

Everyone produces glutamine in their bodies with different amounts. However, due to certain factors such as hard work or stress, glutamine can have an effect. Thus, a person is required to consume glutamine-rich foods so that the body’s need for these amino acids is met. So, to meet the needs of this substance, humans can take the external way that is by eating certain foods. In this article we will discuss more about foods high in glutamine.

A nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood also added that the food that we will mention will also produce glutathione. It is an important antioxidant to increase body pH. this substance can improve nervous work and improve mood.

List of Foods High in Glutamine

Here are some foods rich in glutamine that are very important for the body especially if our body lacks this most important amino acid. This healthy food consists of meat, fish, vegetables and even grains.

1. Meat

Foods High in Glutamine, meat

Meat is one of the foods that contain very much glutamine. In general, meat contains lots of protein. So, high protein foods are foods that contain lots of glutmine. Beef, sheep are animals that are high in glutamine and are best consumed by humans.

2. Seafood

Foods High in Glutamine, seafood

Furthermore, high-glutamine foods are seafood. One of the high glutamine fish is salmon. So, for those of you who like to consume grilled salmon fish that mixture with Indian spices, you will get some great glutamine. Sea fish said contain higher glutamine than freshwater fish.

3. Nuts

Foods High in Glutamine, nuts

Beans are healthy foods if consumed in a raw state. However, eating too much peanuts is also not good for health. To get some glutamine for the body, you can consume some nuts in a day. Among the peanuts that are high in glutamine are almonds, hazelnuts, and some other useful types of nuts.

4. Milk

Foods High in Glutamine, milk

Milk is a healthy drink rich in calcium and a number of other minerals. However, from the other side, milk was able to stimulate the production of glutamine in the body. So, add milk to your daily diet to get some of the most important glutamine or amino acids for the body. See more: Health Benefits of Sheep Milk

5. Eggs

Foods High in Glutamine, eggs

This is an excellent protein-rich food for those who are busy with sports. Physical exercise requires lots of protein, vitamin K, vitamin B, biotin, vitamin b12 and thiamine. Eggs are also a source of selenium as well as high glutamine that is necessary for the body.

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6. Cabbage Vegetables

Foods High in Glutamine, cabbage

Vegetables are healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. one of the vegetables that is consumed is cabbage, especially red cabbage. It is a vegetable rich in glutamine especially cabbage that is eaten as a salad and has not been cooked. Cooking cabbage can reduce the content of glutamine in it. The alternative is consume as a salad or steamed food that is fed with chili sauce.

7. Beans

Foods High in Glutamine, beans

Grains rich in glutamine include beans and peas. For vegetarians, this food may be a diet that should be consumed everydays. This is very good as a source of glutamine that is useful for health. In addition to nuts, other grains are soybeans and red beans.

8. Protein Drinks

Foods High in Glutamine, energy drinks

Drinks with full protein also include a foods high in glutamine. Energy drinks are a source of amino acids, glutamine. This drink is good for sportsmen and great for building muscle and providing energy and stamina.


Glutamine-rich foods generally come from protein-rich foods as mentioned above. Glutamine is an essential amino acid in the body for muscle health, building muscle mass and maintaining stamina. Adding foods high in glutamine to your daily diet is the best option for who are in the deit program.