Need to Know about White Sweet Potatoes

Everything You Need to Know about White Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are not just a crunchy snack that has been passed down for generations. When you think of sweet potatoes, you probably think of fried orange sweet potatoes. Slightly longer, thinner and like a pink potato. Indeed, orange sweet potato tastes good and is very commonly liked by many people. But apart from that, there are other sweet potatoes with a taste that is no less delicious and nutritious. This is white sweet potato, and this time we will explore more about white sweet potato. What you should know about white sweet potatoes? Let’s see our review below.

What is a white sweet potatoWhat is a white sweet potatoes?

Sweet potato consists of many varieties and colors, but in general there are two types of sweet potatoes available and we often see in the market. White sweet potato and orange sweet potato. People’s sweet potatoes have a skin that’s a bit coppery in color, while the interior feels very bright and orange, and it’s a crowd favorite in the fall.

While the white sweet potato is a type of sweet potato that has a lighter color, golden in color with a white interior. The interior of the white sweet potato is very similar to a starchy light brown color and the texture remains like a classic sweet potato.

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So, how do the two types of sweet potatoes compare? Let’s see orange sweet potato vs white sweet potato, which one is more nutritious and much preferred.

Orange vs. white sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a tuber food that is rich in fiber and low in calories. This is a healthier alternative to potatoes to make as a healthy snack. However, the orange sweet potato has an orange color, a very strong sweetness and it seems that no other sweet potato can match its taste. Unlike the case with white sweet potatoes which taste not as sweet as orange sweet potatoes and this is a healthier alternative because it is low in sugar.

Need to Know about White Sweet PotatoesSo, white sweet potato is the best choice for you with a taste that is not as sweet as orange sweet potatoes. Maybe white sweet potatoes are more crumbly, dry in texture, and less sweet in taste. Even though orange sweet potatoes have a higher nutritional content, white sweet potatoes are a very good alternative because they are low in sugar and are one of the healthy foods that are quite good to replace orange sweet potatoes which taste sweeter.

The sweet potatoes also do well to imitate the much-loved classic potato. If you want something healthier, why not switch to white sweet potatoes instead.

What does a white sweet potato taste like?

How do white sweet potatoes taste? The taste is similar to orange sweet potato but lighter, you can say the taste is between sweet and savory. The sweet taste of orange sweet potato makes it loved by many people even as a classic dish such as sweet potato pie, but if you want to include sweet potatoes in hash, a simple grilled side dish, then your best choice is white sweet potato.

How to cook white sweet potatoes

Sometimes you want to enjoy the delicacy of sweet potatoes and don’t know how to prepare them or how to cook them. Here we will show you how to cook white sweet potato.

How to cook sweet potatoesWhite sweet potatoes are still suitable to be included in sweet dishes, or in savory dishes. So, the ways to cook white sweet potatoes are very diverse and unlimited. You can try to roast, bake, grill or make mashed sweet potatoes like orange sweet potatoes.

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The difference between orange sweet potato vs white sweet potato that is very dominant is the taste. So, it is very good to make white sweet potatoes as an alternative to orange sweet potatoes, you still get all the nutrients and you have a plus because white sweet potatoes contain less sugar.

Then, another difference is the texture is more crumbly than the orange sweet potato. If you want it to be stronger, you can mix the flesh of the white sweet potato with butter to get a similarity that is more similar to orange sweet potatoes. These will be similar to those of sweet potatoes when you fry them as a snack.

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