Essential Oils For Roaches

Essential Oils For Roaches

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Essential Oils For Roaches – Essential oils are very popular among people because of their extraordinary uses. Usually people use essential oils to treat various diseases, either internal or external. However, in facts essential oils can also be used to repel roaches roaming in the house. There are a number of essential oils that are able to repel and scare cockroaches.

The researchers found that certain essential oils could be used to root cockroaches at home. So, read on this article to find out what kind of essential oils are good at repelling cockroaches.

Essential oils are usually free of EPA so they are easy to find in stores and can be used to ward off cockroaches.

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Essential Oils For Roaches

Roaring cockroaches is very difficult if your home there are children or pets. Using chemicals is dangerous to them. Then you do not have to worry because there are other powerful ways to repel roaches without fear of danger like using chemical drugs. Here are some essential oils for roaches that you can try at home.

1. Cypress oil and peppermint

If there is a problem with roaches, you can buy a cockroach repellent drug that is sold freely in the store. But if you want to make it yourself, you can immediately do it because it is very easy. Have half cup of salt water and 8 drops of cypress essential oil and 10 drops of peppermint oil.

Combine these oils into a small spray bottle containing half a cup of water. Should use a glass bottle because plastic bottles are prone to damage, because some essential oils can melt plastic bottles.

2. Tea Tree Oil

One of essential oil for roaches is tea tree oil that mixed with some other oils. To make this essential oil you should add 25 drops of mint essential oil, mixed with mint oil, bay leaf, and cucumber. This mixture of ingredients will effectively repel cockroaches directly. Insert into spray bottles and spray on all corners of your house evenly. This will disrupt the insects including cockroaches so they disappear.

3. Fragrant Mint Oil

The smell of its essential oils becomes a problem for some insects so they move away from it. Mint oil is one of the calamities for roaches. You can mix a cup of water with 25 drops of mint oil, stirring evenly. Put in a spray bottle and spray on all parts of the house where cockroaches live. Make a spray once a week because the aroma of essential oil quickly disappear so cockroaches again.

4. Clove oil with citrus or peppermint oil

The mixture of clove oil with citrus oil or with peppermint becomes a powerful natural ingredient to repel cockroaches. Combine some of these essential oils with a literal amount of water versih. Sprinkle this mixed water into all parts of the house that may be a nest of cockroaches.

5. Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar

Furthermore, essential oil for roaches is tea tree oil and vinegar. Although tea tree oil has a fragrant scent but this is very painful for roaches.

Mix 1/4 cup tea tree oil and 1/4 cup apple vinegar and two cups of water. This mixture will cause a very strong smell and ready to kill the roaches. Spray to all corners of your home, until cockroaches move out and run away.

6. Citrus essential oil

Citrus oils have strong odors and insects including cockroaches so hate this odor. Thus, citrus oil is a very potent essential oil that expels nature’s naturally. Mix a few drops of citrus oil into 1 liter of water. Put in a spray bottle and do spraying on all parts of the house and corner of your home.

7. Eucalyptus oil

The eucalyptus oil has a very strong odor so it is good to ward off roaches. You just need to do the following things.

Take a third of an ounce of water and mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil. The strong smell will help you to drive out the insects and drive the roaches away.

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8. Mint Oil, Tea Tree, and Neem oil

All kinds of oil is very strong to kill cockroaches, especially if in united or mixed. When you have mixed the scent will be attached to your hand and ready to be used to expel all the destructive creatures in your home like cockroaches, termites and others.

This essential oil mixture can also be used as a mosquito repellent or pour it into the sink to ward off all the cockroaches that are located there.

9. Orange Oil

The orange essential oil is one of the essential oils for roaches with very strong strength. It is said that this oil can kill all the existing cockroach colonies. Orange oil feels good and safe for humans, but very dangerous to cockroaches. Exoskeleton insects will be destroyed and dissolved with this oil, then they will die from dehydration and run out of air.


That’s some kind of essential oil for roaches. But before using the oil freely you have to see a few warnings you. To use the oil as spray oil, use a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle. Some essential oils can melt plastic bottles.

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