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8 Effective Essential Oils for Gout

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Effective Essential Oils for Gout – Gout is a health problem associated with inflammation. So, this is the inflammation of the joints that also called arthritis. The disease is caused by too much uric acid builds up in the body. Uric acid in the body accumulate in our joints.

The pain you suffer is come from uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints. The effect is our joints do not get sufficient lubrication and swelling. It is very painful and inflame.

This situation gives tremendous pain

However, pain levels can also vary in each person. There are also those who experience pain accompanied by swelling and redness.

The pain is going to bother you, little in touch then you will experience tremendous pain.

Gout is a joint disease that can happen to any of your joints, but many cases are on the toes and hands.

Treating Gout with Essential Oils

If you have gout, there are natural remedies namely essential oils can be used as the initial relief against gout.

The following essential oils for gout is not only help cure your gout but also provide benefits for the prevention of this disease.

Before we look at the list of essential oils for gout, there are things we need to know. Indeed, the essential oils are effective for treating gout but if your condition worsens, then you should get other treatment than essential oils. Call your doctor and consult with a health care professional is the best way. Gout in severe cases is harmful to the kidneys and general health.

8 Essential Oils for Gout

The following types of essential oils are natural herbs for gout. This oil is most recommended for gout because it has the ability to soothe achy joints and can clean up of uric acid crystals.

You simply select one of the essential oils that we mentioned. Select the most you like or effective for you.

1. Birch Essential Oil

essential oils for gout

The first is birch essential oil. It contains wintergreen that is anti-inflammatory. Birch is able to cleanse and purify the bottom and top of the skin because it is a diuretic. He is also useful as a blood purifier. Select birch bud oil to overcome this gout inflammation. So, not back birch or sweet birch.

2. Basil essential oil

essential oils for gout, basil oil

Basil oil is one of the essential oils that are good for reducing uric acid in the blood. In addition, it contains basil tonic which is suitable for skin. Basil oil is a remarkable alternative to add to massage oil or added to bath water. He will overcome the pain and hurt. Basil essential oil is also good for mental health and improve concentration.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil

frankincense oil, essential oils for gout

It is an essential oil that is process from a tree that grows in Africa. Frankincense oil good for cleansing the skin, stretch marks, cysts and boils. Using frankincense oil will help gout problem you face. After a while use these oils, you will feel comfortable and better. Frankincense essential oil can also help the color of your skin return to normal after suffering from gout.

4. Thyme Essential Oil

essential oils for gout

Thyme oil is important in many cases, especially with regard to the health of skin. Thyme oil is Reviver, this oil works by stimulating the immune system and as a tonic for the body. This essential oils for gout have a potent diuretic quality that helps heal gout and uric acid buildup in the blood.

5. Fennel Essential Oil

essential oils for gout

Furthermore, essential oils for gout is fennel. The oil is popular in the world of health and culinary. Its ability in removing wrinkles and a skin cleansing tonic is evidence even fennel can reduce uric acid and inflammation.

6. Pine Essential Oil

essential oils for gout

Provide heating and pine oil is soothing to the skin. So, pine essential oil is an important drug for joint pain associated with gout. Pine oil also contains a diuretic quality that is unique in handling uric acid.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil

rosemary oil, essential oils for gout

Rosemary is one of the essential oils for gout. It contains a powerful astringent to treat gout. Rosemary oil is also able to tighten the skin. When you use on the skin, you have warming and skin redness.

Using rosemary oils can flows the blood and reduce pain. This is the best natural remedies to treat gout, arthritis, rheumatism and muscle stiffness.

8. Lemongrass Essential Oil

lemongrass, essential oils for gout

Furthermore, essential oils for gout is lemongrass oil. It’s very refreshing, stimulating skin circulation, eliminate uric acid, lactate, cleansing and stimulating tonic for the skin. These benefits will provide treatment to those who experience gout and muscle pain.

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