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Essential Oils for Bronchitis – How to Use Essential Oils To Treat Bronchitis

by Sarah Syakira

Health problems are not only experienced by parents but also experienced by children. One disease that is often experienced is bronchitis. This is a common lung health problem. This article will explain how to use essential oils to help your health in dealing with bronchitis.

Before we see the benefits of essential oils for bronchitis, let us first know what bronchitis is, we are expected to be more aware of the symptoms that afflict it so that it can be dealt with quickly.

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What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a disease that occurs due to a problem in the bronchi or small and large airways in the lungs. So, bronchitis is divided into two, there is acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. The most common is acute bronchitis and this is marked with a chest cold. Acute bronchitis affects more children than adults. About 5% occurs in adults and 6% occurs in children.

To get to know more about bronchitis, here we see the symptoms of bronchitis, including:

  • Sigh
  • Chest feels uncomfortable
  • Breath feels short
  • Have a fever
  • A slimy cough

While chronic bronchitis has symptoms such as tobacco smoking, genetics, and air pollution.

How do Essential Oils Help Bronchitis?

Essential oils are extracts of extraordinary plants in liquid form. This oil is obtained from the roots of plants, leaves, flowers, sap, bark, seeds, and stems and then carried out the steam distillation process. The result is oil, this is what is called essential oil.

This essential oil has therapeutic benefits when used by inhaling into the nose. The essential oil molecule will enter together with the air into the respiratory tract and then enter the bloodstream. So, why are essential oils good for bronchitis? Because it contains healing properties such as the presence of anti-trade, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic, analgesic and contains decongestant properties.

The following is a list of essential oils and studies that prove that they can treat bronchitis and its symptoms.

1. Nitric oxide is a substance that causes inflammatory including asthma and bronchitis. Thyme and eucalyptus essential oils can reduce and reduce the production of these substances (nitric oxide) so that the disease can be reduced.

2. Linalool, the main content of the lavender oil can reduce the induction of cigarette smoke in the lungs. This can reduce chronic bronchitis caused by cigarette smoke.

3. Next is Black pepper oil, the benefit of this essential oil is to prevent the development of bacteria that cause bronchitis. This bacterium is known as Staphylococcus aureus.

4. Garlic essential oil. This oil contains anti-fungal, anti-microbial which can kill pathogens that infect the respiratory tract.

5. Combination of essential oils of cinnamon, thyme and lemongrass oil. The collaboration of three types of oil can provide anti-microbial effects. This will kill the pathogen causing bronchitis such as Streptococcus pneumoniae.

6. Furthermore, ginger essential oil, the function of this oil is to kill bacteria, including bacteria that cause respiratory infections.

7. Eucalyptus oil is proven to eliminate and fight various types of microbes that cause problems in the respiratory system. These include Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, and Haemophilus influenzae, all of which cause bronchitis. This is the result of research conducted by Clinical Microbiology and Infection.

In addition to some of the essential oils we mentioned above, there are still other types of oils that are useful for fighting bronchitis.

List of Essential Oils for Bronchitis.

  1. Ginger essential oil
  2. Black pepper oils
  3. Cinnamon essential oils
  4. Thyme essential oils
  5. Lavender oil
  6. Oil from garlic
  7. Basil essential oils
  8. Eucalyptus oil
  9. Rosemary oil
  10. Lemongrass essential oil
  11. Tea tree essential oils
  12. Spikenard Essential oils
  13. Balsam Fir essential oils
  14. Spike lavender oils, and
  15. Frankincense essential oils

Way on How to Use Essential Oils for Bronchitis

Below we explain several ways to use essential oils to cure and relieve bronchitis.

1. Steam Inhalation

The material you need:

  • A pan with 4 cups of water
  • Two drops of eucalyptus oil
  • A small towel
  • Heat source

Method or method:

Boil the water in the pan until it boils and evaporates well, remove it from the heat and place it on the table. Add two drops of essential oil into the boiling water.

Sit in front of the pan and cover your head with a towel so you can’t enter the air.

Place your face parallel to the pan, but don’t get too close because it will be very hot.

Slowly breathe steam from the water that has been mixed with eucalyptus oil. This steam will clean your respiratory system and treat pain when breathing, you will be able to breathe freely.

After inhaling, then clean your face and pay attention to the healing effects of this oil.

2. Bed Time Bath Soak

The material you need:

  • Take 25 drops of lavender spike oil
  • Two cups of Epsom salt

Method or steps:

Add warm water in the bathtub, pour two cups of Epsom salt and 25 drops of essential oil spike lavender. Stir the water in the bath so that it is evenly distributed and use it to rub your entire body, you can enter the bath and soak as long as you want.

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