How to Eat Star Fruit

how to eat star fruit delicious


How to eat star fruit – Star fruit has some variety, some are sweet and some are sour. Sweet star fruit is usually sold freely in the fruit market. If you want to try to enjoy the wealth of vitamins from this star-shaped fruit, you can try it.

Some people usually consume in unison with other fruits or made as fresh drinks. The ripe fruit is yellow or yellowish green and tastes sweet. The more ripe is the more sweet. If you want to enjoy this fruit, we have some suggestions how to eat star fruit for more delicious.

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Some Ideas for How to Eat Star Fruit

1. Eat starfruit that has been yellow and bright colors.

2. Use a sharp knife to cut star fruit

3. Remove tip of the fruit and its seeds

How to eat star fruit also by removing seeds and sides or edges that are green. Although it can be eaten whole fruit, but to give an attractive appearance on the fruit you serve, you can select the tip of the fruit and throw it away. In addition, the seeds also need to be thrown to give a special interest and increase the family appetite.

4. If you suffer from kidney, you are prohibited to consume it

This fruit contains neurotoxin, this substance can not be filtered by damaged kidneys. It is only able to filter by healthy kidney. So, people with kidney disease should not consume the fruit.

If you experience poisoning after eating fruit, consult your doctor immediately. Symptoms of poisoning can include hiccups, insomnia, numbness, vomiting, confusion, muscle spasm and weakening of strength. Although not harmful but you still have to see a doctor to get help faster.

Another way to consume star fruit

1. Enter the star fruit in the salad

The star fruit presented with other fruit slices will give a different flavor, a sweet and sour mixture

Fruits that are suitable to combine with starfruit are strawberry, mango, kiwi, grape, papaya, citrus and pineapple.

To add the tropical fruit taste, you can give a little lemon and honey or give a cocktail syrup, this will give the freshness of the tropical fruit is extraordinary.

2. Mix with green vegetables

Furthermore, how to eat star fruit by meddle with green vegetables. Make a simple salad by interfering with lettuce, sweet peppers, spring onions, and avocado.

Use light vinaigrette dressings such as balsamic vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, and Italian vinaigrette.

3. Complement for seafood or poultry

Another way that you can try is decorate seafood like shrimp with some star fruit slices. You can also mix it with poultry such as chicken, duck, or certain fish.

After preparing fried rice with shrimp or fried poultry meat. Add a piece of star fruit beside it like you use tomato slices.

Serve the starfruit pieces with grilled shrimp or grilled fish, and give a little orange juice.

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