8 Davana Essential Oil Health Benefits

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Davana essential oil is an unique and scented Indian herb. Now this essential oil has been exported throughout the world to be used as a traditional medicine. It contains the properties of therapeutic, so it can be used as a topical and rub for various health complaints. Plants named scientific Artemisia pallens, in Tamil known as davanam and in canada known by davana.

This oil is obtained from plant leaves and davana stems through a steam distillation process. Davana essential oil is commonly used as a traditional medicine in ayurveda and used as a remedy for mental disorders, depression, cough, nervous disorders, infections, measles, cold, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Davana Essential Oil Health Benefits

Based on the fact, davana oil is used for various health problems. This is thanks to the extraordinary content in it such as antiseptic, antidepressant, emenagog, relaxant, anti virus, and vulnerability. Thanks to this content davana essential oil has the following benefits:

Health benefits of Davana Essential Oil

1. Antiviral

As an essential anti-viral oil, it will fight the virus by damaging the protective layer on any virus or cyst. So, using this oil in a disease caused by a virus can kill it slowly. Among the problems arising from viruses are flu, cough, influenza, and measles.

2. Antidepressant

In addition to killing the virus, davana oil can also relieve depression and lower the risk of high blood pressure in cases like anxiety and stress.

Davana oil works by inducing positive energy, mental peace, spirituality, and helping to heal from trauma, disappointment, and surprise. This oil is excellent for mental rehabilitation of patients with mental problems such as depression and stress.

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3. Disinfectant

As a disinfectant, davana essential oil is good to treat infectious diseases caused by microbes, viruses, fungi, bacteria when used in sprays, vacuums, fumigants, so that the environment is free of microbes. Perhaps this is the reason why Indians use davana flowers in their religious worship.

4. Antiseptic

Furthermore, the health benefits of davana essential oils are to combat septic infections of external or internal causes such as kidney, urethral, urethral, and other parts of the human body. As an anti-septic, davana essential oils also provide relief to cure tetanus, especially wounds from dirty objects, and rusted iron.

5. Relaxes mind

This oil can also calm the mind and relax. Now days, many people are so busy that there is no time for their families, it can even cause stress for a person in the face of today’s life.

Curing this psychiatric problem need not panic, you can use davana essential oil on the pillow by sprinkling it evenly. This will give stimulation to get a good night’s sleep. Can also be used for massage oil or by inhaling.

6. Emenagogue

Another benefit of davana essential oil is as a menstrual surge. This oil is good for relieving and curing seizures due to menstruation, healing the pain, and free from fatigue, nausea, cramps and back pain.

7. As Expectorant

Coughing up phlegm and blockage of the respiratory tract can also be overcome with davana oil. In addition, he also provides relief to fever, headache and pain in joints associated with fever.

8. Curing Acne

Furthermore, davana essential oil can cure skin diseases such as acne. Skin problems that almost all teens experience. So, it is prohibited to blackmail acne because it can cause infection, but just give davana oil and acne will deflated.

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Squeezing pimples is a fatal mistake that should be avoided, many teenagers think it is the way to cleanse their face from acne. In fact, the acne is full of bacteria that can spread to other areas so that acne getting worse. Davana oil dissolved with carrier oil is known to heal and help accelerate the loss of acne.

Other Benefits

Devana oil also contains mild vermificant properties and acts as an insect repellent. It also has hypotensive properties which are beneficial as a blood pressure lowering agent.

Now the use of devana oil is also involved in making fargum. The more studies about this one oil, and the more benefits are found.

Caution: Devana oil is not toxic but if used directly without dissolving it with a carrier oil, it can sometimes cause irritation and this should be avoided by pregnant women.

Blending: Some oils that can be used as mixtures and diluents for devana essential oils are: citrus, spicy, also can be mixed with woody essential oils such as: geranium, grapefruit, cedarwood, caraway, coriander, and chamomile essential oils.

Those are some of the benefits and uses of devana essential oil and several types of oil solutions to prevent irritation.