dark honey rich in antioxidant benefits

Dark Honey Rich in Antioxidant and Benefits

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Dark Honey has a great health benefits. Its rich in antioxidant that really wonderful to health. Many people like to eat honey but its not sure for this one. Black honey or dark has a different taste to ordinary honey. Some people think that all honey is on the same but the facts is not like that.

When many people say that all honey is sweet and happy taste, but dark honey is bitter, ya its bitter and not good in tongue. Dark honey is the black color honey and has bitter taste. It meas, this honey only has a little sugar content within. So, right! if you say that dark honey has a huge health benefits.

Where is Dark Honey Come From?

Its also come from bee, but this animal consume many nectar and process it into honey. Its usually obtain in Kalimatan Forest, Indonesia. Beside from nectar process, the bee also make the hive in Mahogany tree. This condition make the honey is bitter and the color be dark or black.

At this time, dark honey have many sold in bottle pocket in market. So, we can get it easily. As ordinary honey, dark honey also has wonderful benefit to health. And we will see some health benefits of this honey below:

Dark Honey Benefits for Health

1. Accelerate healing

Bit black honey is very good to help healing faster. High content of antioxidants and vitamin C is important to accelerate the healing of various health problems. Just drink it for 3 times a day regularly.

2. High source of antioxidants

Antioxidants are very high in black honey, so its role in regenerating skin cells is very good and counteract the effects of free radicals. In addition to high anti-cancer substances, it is also full of antibacterial and anti-virus. Consuming black honey on a regular basis can boost immunity and prevent disease.

3. Endurance

Honey is rich in vitamin C which is a source of immune enhancement. Adults and children are very good at consuming bitter honey to maintain stamina and prevent possible health problems.

In addition to treating, bitter honey is also good to keep stamina in order to stay fit and fit.

4. Treating blood sugar

This is what distinguishes it from other honey. Bitter honey is very good for diabetics consumed. Very low sugar content in honey allows lower blood sugar levels.

So, those who suffer from diabetes very well to consume black honey to lower blood sugar levels.

5. Lowering cholesterol

Furthermore, dark honey is also beneficial for those who experience with cholesterol spikes. Bad cholesterol is very dangerous because it can trigger dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke. However, by getting used to eating bitter honey, then cholesterol is not stable can be derived gradually.

6. Strengthen liver function

The liver is one organ for secretion and digestion that plays an important role. If the liver is sick, then the entire body will falter and various diseases easily complications occur.

Benefits of dark honey is strengthen the liver you have and keep its function well.

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