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The Dangers of Consuming Rotten Eggs or Expired

by Sarah Syakira

The dangers of consuming rotten eggs – Eggs are an important food in the diet and contributes many vitamins to the body. However, what happens if the eggs are destroyed already rotten. The healthy egg is an egg that is still fresh. If the egg is rotten or expired, consume it can give some side effects.

The dangers of consuming rotten eggs must be aware of the public, especially those who live in the city because the eggs are sold at the store usually has expired, or has exceeded the date and the recommended limit. Rotten egg consumption can have a harmful effect on health.

For those of you who often buy eggs in the store, you should pay attention to the date of use. Besides that, after buying direct store in the refrigerator, and avoid storing a broken egg in the fridge, because there are bacteria that contaminated feared. Here are some of the dangers of consuming rotten eggs, as quoted from

Dangers of consuming rotten eggs or expired


One of the dangers of consuming rotten eggs were diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. These symptoms can occur at a tenuous time for 12-15 hours after eating.

Skin problems

Another problem is the itch, when eggs are consumed was moldy; it will give you a rash on the skin and gives a sense of itching due to fungi.


Infected with Salmonella bacteria. Rotten eggs are eggs that have been contaminated with salmonella virus. For people who consume rotten eggs, the possibility of contracting salmonella illness is very high, so avoid eating rotten eggs or that have expired


The dangers of consuming rotten eggs can also lead listeriosis, i.e., diseases caused by listeria bacteria. Not only eat eggs directly, but the food is made using rotten eggs also can infect the disease.


Another problem caused by the consumption of rotten eggs is a headache, even abdominal cramps, or fever. If you get one of these signs after eating rotten eggs, then you should consult a doctor to find a way out.

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That is some of the dangers of consuming rotten eggs for health. Eggs are a healthy diet and good for the body and growing, but note the expiration date and avoid eating rotten eggs.

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