Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

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When you have prepared too much Ricotta for your pasta. So, you might have to save some of it. The purpose of storage is to prevent spoilage so you don’t have to dispose of it, this also includes ways to reduce food waste. Ok, to make ricotta durable, the only way is to freeze it. Now, can you freeze Ricotta Cheese?

When we buy various types of cheese, and want to freeze it. Many say that if frozen the cheese will change its taste and texture. While some say no. Likewise, ricotta cheese, so both opinions have a point.

Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

Ricotta is a cheese food or milk product that is produced in a certain way. Some producers separate products that have been frozen with those that have not.

While there are others who do not recommend freezing on Ricotta products. Freezing Ricotta can cause damage to the texture, and damage the original taste of Ricotta. But there are also producers who suggest that the product be frozen in a certain way.

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You need to know that freezing Ricotta can cause the texture to be damaged and this information is completely correct. When ricotta is melted there will be several separate liquids and the texture will change. Here is the frozen form of ricotta:

Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese

Take a look, there is a little liquid that is separated, you can stir the liquid again with cheese or throw it away. So, you can do it as you like.

Melting cheese properly certainly will not provide freshness like when it was fresh. This makes most people dislike freezing Ricotta unless you only want to use it in cooked dishes.

Tip: Do you want to make a food recipe with Ricotta? Instead of freezing cheese you better try to cook the food and freeze it. You can also use whole Ricotta and freeze the rest.

How To Freeze Ricotta Cheese

To freeze it naturally takes time and everything needs a few minutes. There is no reason not to do it. Take the cheese and do it, it will be finished in a few minutes.

TIP If what you want to freeze is a slice of ricotta, think about how you will use cheese after it is runny. Choose a portion size that makes sense for that.

1. Prepare your cheese, if there is liquid in the container then put the cheese on a tissue so that all the liquid is absorbed by the tissue and the cheese will dry. If necessary, you can cut some parts.

2. Pack the ricotta cheese. Choose an airtight container, and if you use a freezers bag, make sure there are no holes. Usually, I choose a container because it’s easy to clean. If you find this useful, you can add information so you know how long it will take.

3. Then, move Ricotta into the freezers.

TIP If storing in the freezer for a long period of time, for example more than one month. So, consider wrapping in a double, and put the bag in a container for double protection.

Some people say this ricotta cheese will last for 2 months. However, I am sure that this can last up to half a year. Amazing right, you try to do it, good luck.

How To Defrost Ricotta Cheese

Ok, we have frozen Ricotta and now we want to thaw it. You might see your Ricotta like this:
How To Defrost Ricotta Cheese

Now we want to melt it again, consider this ways:

1. In the fridge. Refrigerators are the safest way to thaw food and this is considered the safest way. But this method is very slow because they have to wait for the food to melt slowly.

2. In cold water. Using water faster to thaw frozen food than air, you can use cold water or warm water. Using cold water in the refrigerator is safer than using warm water. But if you want a faster process, you can use warm water. When thawing, don’t forget the container is closed. Once all Ricotta is thawed make sure you use them all.

3. Drop it in frozen. If you use this frozen ricotta on a dish that is cooked on the stove, in some cases, you don’t need to thaw it, but it can be put directly into the dish and it will thaw on its own.

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