Can Dogs Eat Cashews

Can Dogs Eat Cashews? What is the Risk?

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Can Dogs Eat Cashews – Cashews are good food and easy to get. In addition, this nut is also much contain good nutrition for fitness. In fact, in recent years, cashews are considered as foods that can improve fitness. You who like the cashew may be want to give to the pet. If so, stop first and read the information in this post first.

Why so, of course you will wonder “can dogs eat cashews”. This is your caution against your beloved dog. Keep in mind that some dogs are love to nuts such as almonds but some dogs are also dangerous if they consume several types of nuts, such as macadamia nuts, and walnuts.

But what about cashews, whether healthy foods for dogs or toxic.

Before you start giving cashews nuts to your dog, pretty much what you need to know. For that, read more articles.

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Can Dogs Have Cashews?

Maybe you already have your own answer, but want to find the real answer. If you ever ask this question to other dog owners, and they reply that all types of peanuts are equally healthy for dogs like almonds. But you are not sure of the answer so search online and find this article titled “can dogs eat cashews or not”.

Although you hear that, you need to be sure of what you know so it is not bad for your dog’s health.

Science explains that not all beans are the same. It is different from one another. So, if the dog can eat almonds, not necessarily he can also consume cashews, right?

You do not need to worry because cashew are the kind of nuts that can be eaten by dogs. However, you must know how the type of cashews the dog can eat and how that can not be eaten. Below we see more explanation.

If the cashew are cooked, but not fried or salted, this is still good for your dog. You can give it to the dog but see if they are allergic to cashews or not. So, the giving must be gradual. If dogs are allergic or show problems, then avoid cashews nuts from them.

If you include those who stick to the words “better not to eat than get problem in the future” then you should not give cashews for dogs. Just give them dog food that is definitely healthy and good for them like asparagus, lettuce and almonds.

How Dogs Can Have Cashews

For the initial stage, you should provide cooked cashew as roasted, steamed, because raw cashews can contain toxic elements. However, salted and fried cashews are also not good for your dog.

When you cook cashews, the poison elements inside can easily be lost. So, make sure you cook it first.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that all nuts you give to the dog are nuts that are not salty. Salted peanuts contain a lot of sodium and this is very dangerous for dog’s health.

In fried cashew nuts, find enough salt to make your dog sodium poisoning.

How Much the Dogs Can Eat Cashews

If you like to give cashews to dogs, do it. But still in fair amounts like giving gifts for dogs. You are only encouraged to give the occasional course, do not make this as your dog’s regular diet. Why? Many reasons you should know.

The Risk of Eating Too Much Cashew:

1. Disorders of pancreas, actually cashew are the type of beans with the least amount of fat. However, the amount is enough to give a bad effect on your dog.

2. Abdominal pain, consuming too many cashews causes stomach upset because of high levels of sugar in it.

3. Increase body weight, cashew nuts are peanuts with high calorie count. In just 20 nuts already contain 160 calories. This is a very high amount for light snacks. So, cashews can be an unhealthy dog food if in large quantities. So, limit it to your dog.

4. Blockage in the arteries of dogs, Consume cashew continuously is such as you enter the fat into the dog body gradually. It is can lead to a gradual blockage of the arteries.

5. The risk of bladder stones in dogs, the high content of phosphorus in cashews makes your dog at high risk for bladder formation. It is a very dangerous type of disease in your pet.

6. Possible to allergies, This is a common thing to happen. Very many dogs have peanut allergies. Giving peanuts in large amount can increase the risk of allergies. So, give them a small portion and see how it goes.

7. Other possible risks are diarrhea and vomiting.

Health Benefits of Cashews for Dogs

Of course related to the nutrients in cashew. Here are some health benefits of cashews for dogs. Remember! these benefits do not guarantee your dog will experience any of the above complaints. So, keep giving dog food with limited portion.

  • Contains lots of fiber that is good for your dog’s health, this can prevent them from constipation.
  • A good source of antioxidants that prevent various cell damage
  • Cashews are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, this is a type of fat that is very good for health
  • Good for skin health
  • A good source of calcium for bone health, its good for dog bone
  • Source for copper
  • Contains flavonoid, which is one type of antioxidant
  • Rich in folic acid
  • An abundant source of iron
  • Sources of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin K and protein sources.
  • Helps keep brain healthy to function properly
  • Contains many monounsaturated acids and contains little bad fats
  • Maintain heart health

Lastly, the very important thing you should know about this article is that dogs are not 100% able to accept this food as humans. Dog digestion sometimes can not tolerate all this well, so be careful when giving cashews to dogs.

This gives the understanding that dogs have different nutritional needs with human nutritional needs. Many foods can be eaten by humans, but not good for dogs. So, you have to prioritize special foods for dogs as sold in the market. If you want to give food like human food, give it occasionally and with small portions.