Can Dogs Eat Almonds

Can Your Dogs Eat Almonds, How to Prepare Almonds

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Can Dogs Eat Almonds – After we talk about popcorn for dogs, this time we talk about dogs and almonds. Whether a dog can eat almonds or not. Many dog ​​owners do not dare to give almonds to their dogs. They worry that almonds are toxic to dogs. Because some nuts are toxic, but you do not have to worry because almonds are not included in this category.

Almonds are a good type of bean because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Giving almonds to dogs provides its own benefits for them. However, you should provide raw almonds and instead salted ones.

If you ask, can dogs eat almonds, the answer is “Yes”. But dog owners are still worried about dog health such as choking that can happen anytime when eating hard food. Some people give biscuits that contain almonds for their dogs so they can provide enough minerals and nutrients.

Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

As we have answered above. Almonds are a good food and safe for dogs even provide a number of vitamins such as magnesium, vitamin E, nonfat fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. These nutrients help keep your dog healthy.

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Remember! if you want to give almonds to dogs, give in moderation amount. Too much giving almonds can be bad for dogs. Almonds are not a dog food staple so the choking potential remains. The solution is destroy first before giving to the dog. It will prevent your dog from choking.

If you are afraid of choking, there are other options you can try. Give almond juice as a replacement. But do not give sweet almond milk because it contains Xylitol, this is a toxic substance for dogs.

When feeding the dog, do it carefully, destroy some almonds and give it to the dog. Then, pay attention to dog behavior, if safe and not allergic to peanuts, you can give milk of almonds or almonds every day in small portions.

Are Almonds Foods Good for Dogs?

Of course, almonds are a healthy food for humans and dogs. But still must be given with great care. In order safe for dogs, break or destroy almonds and give to the dog to reduce the risk of choking.

How to Prepare Almonds for your Dog?

Almonds have several types with different flavors. This is a good diet for dogs. But before giving to the dog, smash the almond first to avoid choking on the dog.

Alternatively, you can provide almonds, it also has an extraordinary delicacy. You can add almonds to food such as carrots and pumpkins. In addition, peanut butter biscuits are the best alternative to give to almonds.

Cow’s milk is a healthy drink, but for dogs is not good. Instead, you can provide almonds milk for your beloved dog. It should also be noted that dog food should not contain raisins, chocolate, or sugar. It’s all dangerous for dogs.

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Although almond juice or milk is good for dogs, but if excessive can cause stomach pain, and diarrhea. The solution is to provide milk of almond in moderation every day. One or a glass already meets the maximum amount.

Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter?

Sure, you can give almonds butter like peanut butter to dogs, this is as healthy as giving raw almonds. You can give almond butter as you like. Usually dog ​​owners put almond butter on toys, then dogs lick it.

Remember! sweeteners, sugar, and salt are all detrimental to dog health.

Again, the giving almond milk should not be sweet but has no flavor or tasteless. All sweet foods and drinks are not good for dog health. If you already provide almonds milk, you no longer need to provide raw almonds.

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