Can Cats Eat Carrots

Can Cats Eat Carrots, See the Explanation

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One way to make beautiful cats in your home feel comfortable, make them happy and enjoys the situation at home, give them healthy food. Maybe you ask, can cats eat carrots or not? We know that carrots are good for humans, is this also good for cat digestion? In this article, we will explain about carrots, especially its function as food for cats.

Carrots are healthy vegetables that are popular in the market, you can go to all vegetable markets, carrots are always available. The most popular part consumed by humans is orange bulbs in the soil. Green leaves at the top are usually removed, but some places in the world also use them as salads.

Carrots can be consumed in various ways, can be cooked into vegetables or eaten raw. Its crunchy texture has become a favorite of almost everyone. The fiber content inside provides extraordinary benefits for health. In general, carrots are orange but some varieties have unique and unusual colors. Among them are white, purple, red and yellow. These are vegetables that are full of nutrients, low prices and have been a food ingredient since 500 years ago.

Humans and carrots

Carrots are a source of nutrition for humans, in one portion of carrots contain more than 100% of vitamin A daily, also contains many carotenoids that are good for eye health. This orange vegetable is rich in vitamins including vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin K, vitamin C, and contains many minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, and fiber.

Throughout its history, carrots do not contain toxins in them so there are no side effects to the eyes and are free of allergies. So, it is certain that carrots are beneficial for human health. If this is good for humans, does it also have the same effect on your cat? Can your cats eat carrots?

Carrots and cats

Many pet cats who want to know their employer’s food even try to ask for food on your plate. But keep in mind that not all good foods are good for cats. so, as pet owners, we must be wise in choosing food and snacks for pets.

However, if you want to give carrots to cats, this is permissible because these vegetables are non-toxic and safe for cats. However, you should give carrots that have been cooked, because cats are very difficult to digest crisp fibrous foods. Carrots are safe for cats, these vegetables are poison free and can be given to anyone.


Carrots are not only safe for cats but healthy vegetables are also recommended for your cat. In humans, it is often associated with benefits for the eyes because it is rich in carotenoids. When humans consume carrots, these carotenoids will enter the liver and there are converted into vitamin A. However, unlike cats, carotenoids present in these vegetables also enter the liver and then converted into vitamin A in small amounts, the rest will be stored as vitamins for cat growth and cell regeneration. So, for cats giving carrots is very good because it can increase their growth.

Good for vision

The cat is a very sharp animal whose sight can even see in the dark. This does not mean that cats do not need vitamin A, they still need vitamin A to maintain their health, including eye health.

So, for cat lovers, it is recommended to occasionally give carrots as a complementary food for cats. If this is given regularly, the eyes of the cat will remain healthy and bright. However, there is something different from humans, humans get vitamin A for eye health that can be useful for removing cataracts. In cats, the concentration of beta carotene is so low that it cannot cure cataracts suffered by cats.

Good for Cat’s Digestion

Carrots are fibrous vegetables that are important for digestive health. Cats also benefit from the fiber they consume. But you have to give a cooked carrot so it is not difficult to eat cats.

One thing that needs to be remembered is that giving carrots and any food for cats requires good precision and focus, never giving food excessively. Everything must be given in the middle.