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Calories In A Cantaloupe, Choose and Uses

by Sarah Syakira

Calories In A Cantaloupe – Choosing nutritious foods is very important to keep the body functioning properly. Cantaloupe is a fruit full of nutrients and low in calories. The fruit is fresh and able to meet your needs for nutrition. Eat every day as an appetizer.

Cantaloupe is a fruity in the type of melon and has the same skin. The skin has a picture like a net. In America, this fruit is not in cultivated as commercial fruits. Some types there are light yellow and sweet aroma. Now we see the nutritional content including calories in cantaloupe.

Calories In A Cantaloupe

If you love this fruit, you can consume it in large quantities because it contains only a few calories. In a cantaloupe currently only 188 contain calories. Consume cantaloupe fruit by making juice or by cutting it as food that is eaten directly.

However, you should also consider well if you want to consume cantaloupe in large quantities. Although low in calories, but he has a high sugar content. In one cantaloupe containing 45g of carbohydrate and 43g and most of them is sugar. So, limit to consume if you are having problems with blood sugar levels.

For one cup of cantaloupe it contains 53 calories and 12 g of sugar. In addition, for fruit with medium size also contains 5g of fiber and 4.5 g protein. If in one cup, it contains 53 calories and 12 g of sugar.

The good news, cantaloupe fruit is very little fat content even almost zero, fat in a cantaloupe only 1 gram.

Nutrients A Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe fruit contains high potassium, vitamin C, and beta carotene. The amount of each of these nutrients in a cantaloupe are: potassium as much as 1.474 mg, vitamin C as much as 202 mg, beta carotene as much as 11.150 mcg. Consuming foods rich in beta-carotene and caratenoids can reduce the potential for heart attacks, and cancer. Not only these nutrients, but fresh fruit with high water content also contains many vitamins and other minerals.

How to Choose a Cantaloupe

If you want to get a sweet and tasty fruit, choose one that is cooked. This fruit, not the same as most other fruits, if you take the raw fruit, it will not mature immediately after the picking, but it takes a few days. So, choose a mature so fast can be enjoyed with good.

Mature fruit is usually characterized by a distinctive sweet aroma, and if you try to press on the skin, then your fingers will feel slightly in.

Benefits and Uses of Cantaloupe

In addition as a delicious fruit juice, cantaloupe can also be a complementary food for salads and its accompany strawberries, kiwi and other fruits. You can also turn the cantaloupe into a sorbet as a fresh drink in the summer.

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