Managing Osteoporosis Through a Shrewd Diet

Bone Health: Managing Osteoporosis Through a Shrewd Diet

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It’s a condition which is said to affect around 200 million people around the world, so to say that osteoporosis is a big deal would be something of an understatement.

We’re not going to dive into the in’s and out’s of what causes it through today’s article, but more about what you can do to manage it. Or, as the title may have already given away, how you can eat differently to manage it through your diet.

Sure, in some cases this approach might not work. If you already have an advanced form of the condition, you will of course have to turn to a relevant practitioner who has all of the necessary qualifications  (find out more about professional medical indemnity insurance here).

In milder cases, you stand a chance of your diet coming to your rescue though. Let’s take a look at just how this can happen.

The Wonders of Calcium

As a child, we are taught all the reasons why you should turn to calcium-rich foods in a bid to strengthen your teeth. Well, the same rules apply to adulthood when it comes to your bone health.

Ultimately, calcium can make your bones stronger and help you to conquer your battle against osteoporosis. Milk and dairy products are the obvious suggestions here, but with more and more people becoming intolerant to these ingredients you also shouldn’t forget the likes of salmon, dark green vegetables and tofu which all contain plenty of calcium.

Step Things Up a Notch with Vitamin D

We’ve just spoken about calcium, but if you really want to accelerate things you should also be tapping into foods that contain plenty of vitamin D.

Why is this important? The real benefit of vitamin D comes through the fact that it will make calcium absorb into your bloodstream much more quickly. Sure, calcium-rich foods on their own will help, but the effects are multiplied when you also arm yourself with this vitamin.

In terms of specific recommendations, milk is the obvious one, but simply exposing yourself to sunlight can also work terrifically.

On the Subject of Vitamins…

Now we are on the subject of vitamins, let’s turn our attention to vitamin K. It has been found that those individuals who consume less of this vitamin are more likely to suffer hip fractures.

This all stems from the fact that vitamin K can affect your calcium balance and ultimately make your bones much more dense.

The Latest Kid on the Block: Boron

Had this article been penned several years ago, there is a very good chance that Boron may not have been included. However, over the last few years, there has been an increasing amount of evidence that it can guard against the O-word.

It has been found that those individuals with higher levels of Boron are less likely to excrete calcium through urination.

So, where can you find Boron? It’s readily available, with tomatoes, prunes, and peanuts being just a handful of foods that contain it.

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