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Black Spot on Tooth, Causes And Home Remedies

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Black spot on tooth can take away your beauty. A beautiful smile with flat and neat teeth will add to your charm when smiling. However, smiling is not enough, it must be supported by clean and white teeth. Imagine if you have black spots on your teeth, this will remove your charm and can even give the impression of being dirty and disgusted to other people or your opponent. If you are one of them who has experience like this, then we are here to try to help you to remove and treat black spots on teeth. Of course, we use natural ingredients from home as effective ingredients to clean black stains on teeth, read on for our article until the end.

Symptoms of Dark Spots on Tooth

Usually, black spots on tooth are caused by erosion and damage to the tooth enamel, causing the stains to stick quickly and turn the teeth black. It could also be that black spots on teeth occur because there are serious problems with your health such as cavities, tooth decay, dental caries and others. Damage and black stains on these teeth usually don’t happen quickly but it takes a long time to form these dark spots. Initially, these black stains are gray, brown in color and eventually turn black over time.

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There are also rare cases, where the teeth can form dark spots on their own over a long duration of time. The appearance of black stains on teeth can be anywhere, it can occur on the front teeth or on the back teeth. in children, this black line usually occurs on the teeth close to the gums.

Possible Causes Of Black Spots On The Teeth

We are very important to know the cause of black spots on teeth before we try to treat them with natural ingredients from home. Knowing the cause, can help us treat it optimally.

1. Not maintaining oral hygiene

If you don’t rinse your teeth properly after eating, or don’t brush your teeth twice a day properly, tooth decay and dark spots on your teeth can easily appear. Teeth should be cleaned by using a toothbrush twice a day, at night and in the morning. In addition, use dental floss to clean leftover food between your teeth.

2. Bad eating habits

You should also pay attention to eating, don’t eat too much sweet and carbonated food because these two foods are very bad for teeth. When sweet foods get stuck in between the teeth, bacteria will gather to eat this sweet food and this causes tooth enamel to break down and form black spots on the teeth over time. If you require to eat sweet foods, then clean your teeth after eating so that bacteria do not collect on your teeth and do not damage your teeth.

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3. Smoking habits

Smoking is one type of bad habit that can cause black spots on teeth. If you want to get rid of black stains caused by smoking, then the solution is to quit smoking completely.

4. Consuming coffee or tea

Both types of these drinks contain caffeine, caffeine is a substance that can change the color of teeth to brown and black. Jam, this drink also includes sugary drinks that can cause deterioration of tooth enamel due to bacteria appearing on the teeth.

5. Chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is the cause of black spot on tooth. If you have this bad habit, then stop because it can damage your teeth, if your teeth are damaged then your appearance is also damaged even as comfortable as you smile is scary or disgusting. That jam, having the habit of chewing tobacco can also be one of the causes of damaging your overall health.

Home Remedies For Black Spot On Tooth

Below we will help you how to get rid of dark spots on your teeth. These methods are effective for dark spots that are not severe or light.

1. Follow the rules of dental hygiene

Maintaining dental hygiene according to the rules is important in preventing and treating tooth decay including black spots on teeth. That is why it is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day and clean the food residue on your teeth using dental floss. If not, the leftover food will still get stuck on the teeth, and this can become a nest of bacteria that will damage the teeth.

2. Chew raw vegetables

The way to prevent dark spots on tooth is to chew raw vegetables. Raw vegetables such as carrots, etc. can clean teeth from food debris and keep teeth healthy, and white. Among the vegetables, you can try carrots, lettuce, celery and others. This not only maintains dental health but can also keep breath fresh.

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3. Brush your teeth with baking soda.

Baking soda has strong abrasive properties, you can add a little baking soda to your toothpaste and then brush your teeth cleanly. The abrasive nature of baking soda can easily fade dark spots adhering to the surface of your teeth. Brush your teeth gently but thoroughly and do it in a circular manner.

4. Brush your teeth with salt

In addition to using baking soda, you can brush your teeth with salt, this will help get rid of black spot on tooth. Salt works slowly, if you brush your teeth regularly for a long time your teeth will be clean and free of dark spots.

5. Using orange peels

Citrus skin is a natural herb that is useful for cleaning your dirty teeth or black spots. You are advised to clean only the affected tooth, focus only on the problematic tooth.


If you are already using home remedies to clean black stains on teeth, now is the time for you to try medical treatment in consultation with a dentist. If you take a long time to treat your teeth, the problem you will experience will get worse and of course the risk of losing your teeth will be even greater. So, immediately take action against black spots on your tooth.

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