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The Best Way to Overcome Migraines Without Drugs

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Best Way to Overcome Migraines – Migraine is a headache. Usually these problems are often experienced by women than men. Why women are more susceptible to migraines? It is not known with certainty. But there are some factors that trigger migraines in women. Headache is almost the same as vertigo, but vertigo have different symptoms, such as headache as it rotates continuously. Coping with migraine also differ by overcoming vertigo because the causes and symptoms are different.

Well, before we explain more about best way to overcome migraines without drugs, we must first look at what causes migraines. These causes can occur in men or in women.

Some things happen that trigger migraine is eating ripe cheeses such as cheddar, consume food that has gone through fermentation, pickling, and salting. Furthermore, consuming sour cream, eat foods made from beans in excessive amounts, alcohol and excessive caffeine.

The cause of migraine over potentially happen to anyone. But there is also cause for migraine which only occurs in women so that women said to be more at risk of migraine. Menstruation is one of them, when a woman came in, sometimes not only the abdomen just the pain but also the head that is migraine, this usually occurs on the first day of menstruation. In addition to menstruation, menopause women also frequent migraines, because of reduced levels of estrogen. Estrogen deficiency can lead to a decrease in hormones in the body.

Then, stress. Although this can happen to anyone, but the stress is experienced by many women. It belongs to a serious problem that makes a person experiencing a migraine. So, it is must be overcome in order not be causes for various psychiatric problems. Below we look at how to deal with migraines.

The Best Way to Overcome Migraines

Ginger drink

Drink warm drinks can relieve migraine. One of the best drinks to deal with migraines are ginger drink. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory substances that work against migraines directly. To add flavor, you can add a bit of pure honey.

Drinking caffeinated beverages

Furthermore, you can drink caffeinated beverages. But do not overdo it. Excessive caffeine consumption not cure migraines, but it can aggravate migraines.

Overcoming migraine with hydrotherapy

It is one of the best way to overcome migraines without drugs and this is very simple. You simply soak your feet in cold water and use a small towel to compress your neck with warm water. The techniques will expedite the flow of blood from head to toe because the temperature in the legs is lower.

Consuming foods rich in magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is beneficial to relax the nervous tension. So, consuming these foods will help reduce your migraines. Foods that contain magnesium are almonds, spinach stew, cereal, soy milk, edamame, black beans, red beans, bananas, avocados, pumpkin and tomatoes and some other foods.

Keeping blood sugar

Also, the best way deal with migraines is to keep blood sugar levels stable. High or low Blood sugar levels can trigger headaches, so avoid eating too many sweet foods.

Additionally, avoid foods such as dark chocolate, because dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is known to have links with migraine. In addition to dark chocolate, consume aspartame as well as too much caffeine also be the cause of migraine. So avoid these bad habits for good health and away from migraine.

Thus some of the best way to overcome migraine. By getting a healthy diet we can actually prevent it. So, you are who often troubled with this headache should be careful with your foods.

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