Best Kohlrabi Substitutes

Top 10 Best Kohlrabi Substitutes You Need To Try

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Kohlrabi is a delicious vegetable to cook in a variety of ways. How about you, have you ever cooked kohlrabi? Sometimes we run out or find it difficult to find this vegetable, so on some occasions we need to use the best kohlrabi substitutes in cooking.

If you’ve never cooked kohlrabi and want to know how it works, you can use other vegetables that are similar to kohlrabi. Even some of these vegetables are known as the best kohlrabi substitute.

For example, when you are looking for vegetables to add to your cooking, you can try various green vegetables such as kale, or kohlrabi. Kohlrabi may sound new, but this vegetable tastes great when cooked in a variety of dishes. It has a light taste and this makes it suitable for mixing in a variety of dishes.

Kohlrabi is a tuber almost like beets, but kohlrabi grows above the ground not in the soil. It can be masked like potatoes, roasted, or stuffed with vegetables.

However, don’t worry, if you want to replace kohlrabi in a dish, we are here to provide some of the best kohlrabi substitutes that are ready to replace your kohlrabi dish.

What is Kohlrabi? What Can Replace Kohlrabi Well?

Kahlrabi is a vegetable that is grown above ground similar to cabbage, the stems are round and the leaves are green. This round rod is usually a delicious dish with various combinations. Kohlrabi vegetables are high in nutrients, especially rich in potassium and vitamin C.

Apparently, kohlrabi is somewhat the same as brussels sprouts and broccoli. It can be made a delicious addition to dishes and can even be eaten raw. We usually mention a versatile plant that is delicious in combination in vegetable recipes.

What does kohlrabi taste like?

When you ask how kohlrabi tastes, some people say it tastes like a cross between cabbage and turnips. There are many ways to cook kohlrabi. Some people like to fry it like potatoes, some like to bake it and some like to include it in vegetables.

There are even those who like to include kohlrabi in salads and eat them raw like cucumbers. Regardless of how you like to eat it, whether raw or cooked with various recipes, what is clear is that this is healthy and delicious food.

What The Best Kohlrabi Substitutes?

If you don’t find kohlrabi at some point, you can replace it with some other types of vegetables similar to kohlrabi. The best substitutes for kohlrabi are usually used according to your recipe. You can choose one of the best substitutes according to your recipe.

For example, if you usually use kohlrabi as a salad, then you can replace the kohlrabi with turnips or with radishes. Likewise for grilled foods, both are suitable to replace kohlrabi.

If you usually use kohlrabi as an ingredient for soups, or stewed vegetables, then celery root is the best substitute for kohlrabi.

1. Cabbage – (Best replacement in my opinion)

Cabbage as Best Kohlrabi Substitutes

Cabbage is one of the best vegetable substitutes for kohlrabi in your recipe. The taste and texture of kohlrabi are very similar and the two are hard to tell apart. So, you can substitute kohlrabi for cabbage in some recipes.

You can cut cabbage into cubes and use it in soups like you would kohlrabi. Likewise as the best substitute for boiled vegetables.

Kohlrabi is a versatile vegetable that can be used as a substitute in many recipes. So, if you’re out of stock or having trouble finding kohlrabi for your meal, just use cabbage.

2. Broccoli, maybe it can be a second choice

broccoli is a Kohlrabi substitutes

Kohlrabi is a type of cabbage with round, fat stems, while broccoli is a type of cabbage with large flower buds. Cabbage, kohlrabi and broccoli are both high in vitamin C and are high in fiber and low in calories.

Usually, when they run out of broccoli, some people use kohlrabi as a substitute. Now when you are having trouble finding kohlrabi, then the best substitute is broccoli.

If you are making dishes with kohlrabi, you can use broccoli as the best substitute for kohlrabi, but it is best to combine it with other vegetables because broccoli in our opinion has a stronger taste than kohlrabi.

3. Cauliflower

You can also use cauliflower for Kohlrabi in your recipe. Take the cauliflower and cut into cubes, put it in the pan as a vegetable substitute for Kohlrabi.

But you need to know that cauliflower is denser than Kohlrabi. So, when you substitute cauliflower for Kohlrabi, use more water.

Apart from that, there are subtle differences between cauliflower and Kohlrabi. Cauliflower sometimes has a stronger flavor so you can adjust it with other spices.

4. Kale

Kale is a healthy vegetable that is found in many vegetable recipes. Now, when you need a Kohlrabi substitute for various reasons, you can try it with kale.

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Kale is a cruciferous green vegetable with a slightly bitter taste. Both are so nutrient-dense that many are also substituting kale for Kohlrabi. Kale sometimes also replaces many other vegetables such as arugula and others.

If you want to add other vegetables in a recipe that uses Kohlrabi, you might consider adding kale or cauliflower or cabbage.

Kale is a vegetable with a rather hard texture, so before you add it to a dish or salad, you have to cook or boil it first so that the kale texture becomes softer.

5. Collard greens

Collard greens best susbtitutes

Mustard greens are vegetables that are widely used as well in some recipes. You can replace kohlrabi with green mustard. Kohlrabi has a lighter and richer taste, you can adjust the addition of mustard greens in recipes that use kohlrabi.

Mustard greens are a great addition to some recipes as a substitute for kohlrabi. For example, you make stews, or soups, then mustard greens can represent your recipe ingredients.

6. Brussels sprouts

Furthermore, as the best substitute for kohlrabi is Brussels sprouts, you can use it in many recipes as well. However, what you should pay attention to is that kohlrabi is sweeter than Brussels sprouts, so you can double the amount to find a flavor that matches the kohlrabi.

There is another difference between kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts. Kohlrabi is tougher than Brussels sprouts. So substituting Brussels sprouts for kohlrabi doesn’t have to overcook. On the other hand, when you substitute kohlrabi for Brussels sprouts, you need to cook it longer.

7. Savoy cabbage

Another alternative to kohlrabi is savoy cabbage. This is a type of curly-leaved green cabbage that tastes milder than kohlrabi. While kohlrabi is a vegetable with round stems with a crunchy texture and slightly sweet taste.

In recipes using cabbage, you can use kohlrabi or savoy cabbage. So, when you run out of kohlrabi, you can also try using savoy cabbage instead.

8. Gai lan

Gai lan also became one of the best substitutes for kohlrabi. But to be able to replace kohlrabi properly, pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Gai lan is a green vegetable related to broccoli.
  • Kohlrabi is also a green leafy vegetable only with round trunks
  • If you are using Gai lan as the best substitute for kohlrabi, then use half of the recipe.
  • Gai lan is sweeter than kohlrabi, when substituting for kohlrabi, adjust to your bub in the recipe.
  • Both are rich in vitamins C and A, and are included in fiber-rich vegetables.

9. Turnip

Turnip is the Best Kohlrabi Substitutes

Turnip is another option to replace kohlrabi. However, you should note that turnips are stronger in taste than kohlrabi. When making your best substitute, you should use half the amount of kohlrabi in the recipe.

10. Rutabaga

The best substitute for kohlrabi is Rutabaga and it is very popular to use.

If you are looking for a substitute for kohlrabi, consider using rutabaga, so many people try to use it in recipes that use kohlrabi.

The taste and texture are similar, so they can complement each other in your recipe. Peel the tough rutabag skin, cut into pieces and add to a serving plate.

Rutabaga makes the best substitute for kohlrabi in some recipes such as sautéing, roasting, puree or porridge.

Conclusion for the Best Kohlrabi Substitute

kohlrabi is a vegetable with a mild taste and is widely used in vegetables. However, when you have trouble finding kohlrabi or can’t take it for various reasons, you can easily find a substitute for kohlrabi.

Among the popular substitutes are rutabaga and cabbage. both have a close taste and are rich in fiber.

To get a taste that matches kohlrabi, you can use celery. But if you want to replace kohlrabi with low-calorie ingredients, you can use turnips or zucchini.

FAQs on Kohlrabi substitute

1. Does kohlrabi taste like turnip?

kohlrabi and radishes are both root vegetables and they have a somewhat similar taste, only that radishes are sweeter than kohlrabi. However radishes can be the best substitute for kohlrabi as well as some other vegetables.

Kohlrabi is a root vegetable with round greens and is usually used in soups, salads and eaten as a crunchy snack raw. Radishes are also like that use.

To get kohlrabi that is still fresh, look for stems that are still green and not wilted, avoid choosing kohlrabi stems that are speckled.

2. Can you substitute kohlrabi for parsnips?

They taste almost the same, so it’s not wrong if you want to replace both in your recipe. However, every recipe has a portion of taste and texture from the ingredients used.

Keep in mind that kohlrabi has a slightly sweeter taste, and it’s also not much different from parsnips, so parsnips are one of the best substitutes for kohlrabi in soup or salad recipes.

3. Can you use celeriac instead of kohlrabi?

Celeriac is a root crop as well and is one of the kohlrabi substitutes you can try. But you should note that celeriac has a much stronger taste than kohlrabi. So when substituting for kohlrabi, use only a small amount first and then taste until you find a similar level of taste.

4. Can you substitute kohlrabi for jicama?

How about Jicama, can this be a substitute for kohlrabi? This depends on your dish, sometimes there are also recipes that you can use yam as a substitute. It all depends on your recipe.

Maybe your salad can make jicama as a substitute for kohlrabi. Both have a crunchy texture and are suitable as a substitute in salads.

Maybe you need to experiment between the two because in terms of taste, yam is slightly different from the taste of kohlrabi.

So, if you want to replace kohlrabi with yam, it’s up to you, but we don’t recommend you do that. But this depends on your recipe, sometimes there are also those that can replace it in certain recipes.

5. Is kohlrabi the same as fennel?

Both are members of the cabbage family but are not the same. Between kohlrabi and fennel have a different texture and a different taste.

If you notice, fennel is more similar in taste to licorice and is crunchy, while kohlrabi is lighter and slightly sweeter.