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11 Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

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Bergamot oil is an oil taken from citrus peel extract. Bergamot essential oil has many health benefits such as deodorant, vermifuge, antibiotic, vulnerary, antiseptic, disinfectant, sedative, analgesic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, cicatrisant, febrifuge and digestive substance.

The scientific name of bergamot is Citrus aurantium var or Citrus bergamia. Citrus is a plant native to tropical regions but these plants can flourish in Europe as well. The very strong aroma became popular in msany perfume. Bergamot essential oil obtained through cold compress, it is different to the processing of some essential oils like “Fractionated Coconut” which is obtained by steam distillation.

Aside from being an essential oil, bergamot oil also often added to black tea which is called by Earl Grey. Bergamot essential oil contains many chemical composition such as Alpha pinene, Alpha Terpineol, Limonene, Alpha Bergaptnen, Linalool, nerol, Neryl Acetate, Acetate Linalyl, geraniol, Beta bisabolene, Myrcene and geraniol Acetate. []

Thanks to contain many chemical compounds such as above, bergamot become one of the best oil for health. Here are some health benefits of bergamot oils.

Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

1. Antidepressant and stimulant

One component of bergamot is Alpha pinene and limonene. Both of these components work as a natural anti-depressant and creates a comfort feeling, eliminating the sadness, and depression as a result of the smooth blood flow. Additionally, bergamot essential oil also able to maintain proper metabolism. This effect helps the digestive process including helping the absorption of nutrients, decomposition of sugar, and sugar levels in the blood. Thus, the benefits of bergamot oils not only for psychological but for neurological.

2. Antibiotic and Disinfectant

Bergamot oil also acts as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant. They prevent the development of germs, bacteria and fungi and effective in preventing the infection of wounds. If you are using bergamot oil to shower regularly, you will get the skin clean and free of germs. Benefits of this oil also prevents intestinal infections, urinary tract and kidney infections.

3. Relaxant and Sedative

Bergamot oil contains flavonoids so it is great for calming nerves, anxiety, and stress relief. So, bergamot essential oil could be a bidder for those of you who suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure, and depression. In addition, these oils can also stimulate certain hormones in the body so can provide a feeling of comfort. Its works is similar to tranquilizers serotonin and dopamine.

4. Analgesic

Another health benefit of bergamot essential oils is to reduce pain. Actually, bergamot stimulates the secretion of certain hormones that make a person relax and lose the pain. Thus, bergamot oil greatly help heal headaches, muscle aches, sprains and others. So, you can avoid using chemical drugs that often cause side effects such as damage the liver and kidneys as well as other negative effects.

5. Keeping digestion health

Bergamot essential oil is able to activate the secretion of digestive acids, bile and aid digestion in speeding up its work and to reduce the strain on the intestinal tract. Therefore, bergamot oil can reduce constipation, regulates bowel movements, preventing gastrointestinal complications that can lead to colorectal cancer and other dangerous conditions.

6. Cicatrisant

Cicatrisant substance that content in bergamot oil provide substantial benefits to the world of beauty. Cicatrisant is an important component which acts to remove the scar and various stains on the skin. This substance also contributes to the pigment and melanin, so its able to fade the marks on the skin.

So, bergamot essential oil is very good for removing acne scars, scars and other unsightly things in perspective.

7. Deodorant

Bergamot is also a natural deodorant that is great for teenagers. If you do not find the best deodorant in market, you can try bergomat oil. Its an intelligent deodorant which is eliminate body odor due to germs. Bergamot has a very strong odor that can protect you throughout the day. Strong aroma of bergamot makes its produce as air freshener and deodorant.

8. Febrifuge

Bergamot could also be an alternative to reduce the heat due to fever. This is a great natural antiseptic to fight infections caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, viruses influenza, typhoid, and malaria virus. Furthermore, bergamot also stimulates metabolism and glandular secretion. This will give you a warm feeling, and resulted in the sweat secretion which is in turn will reduce the temperature of the body and cleanse the pores of toxins.

9. Vermifuge

It means that bergamot oil can solve the problem of worms in children. In addition, this oil can also be used to kill germs in mouth by making it as mouthwash and prevent cavities.

10. Antispasmodic

This magical oil relaxes the nerves and muscles. So, bergamot oil well to overcome cramps, muscle contractions and spasms. In addition, he is also a natural remedy for chronic cough, respiratory conditions and asthma.

11. Antiseptic

As a natural antiseptic, bergamot essential oil could prove to cope with rapid problem wounds, cracked skin, eczema, boils and itching and prevent sores developing into a deadly tetanus.

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