Wonderful Health Benefits Of Sage Tea and Its Essential Oil

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Health Benefits Of Sage Tea Essential Oil. Sage is a small shrub-shaped plant species. Sage is widely used in recipes with a slightly spicy flavor when consumed.

The Sage health benefits are tremendous and is usually used to treat snake bites and increase female fertility. In addition, the health benefits of sage is also effective to prevent chronic diseases, cure inflammation, boost immunity, regulate digestion, prevent diabetes and strengthen bones.

Health Benefits Of Sage Tea

Sage is usually used in two ways, it’s sage tea and sage essential oil. In medicine, sage is known as stimulant, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and also serves as an appetite enhancer.

Based on this great content within, sage tea can remove free radicals and toxins in the body. In this article, we will provide a review of the health benefits of sage tea and its essential oils.

Health Benefits Of Sage Tea and Its Essential Oil

1. Treating inflammation

Health Benefits Of Sage, Teacontrol inflammation

As we mentioned above, sage tea contains anti-inflammation so it can cure inflammatory problems that befall. This anti-inflammatory response to gingival fibroblasts. It is a cell in the gums that keeps gum infections and inflammation.

In addition to drink as tea, sage can also benefit the leaves. Chewing the sage and seeds is known as an effective way to boost immunity.

2. Managing diabetes

Health Benefits Of Sage, managing diabetes

Sage is a leaf that contains certain chemicals that are almost the same as drugs to manage diabetes. Consuming sage helps to release glucose stored in the liver. It is prevent the occurrence of blood sugar and prevent type 2 diabetes.

So, one of the health benefits of sage tea and its essential oil is to manage diabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes.

3. Drug for sore throat

Furthermore, the health benefits of sage tea are treating inflamed throat such as tonsillitis and ulceration. The way is very easy, boiled 100 ml of water with some sage leaves. Let it evaporate for about 15 minutes. Filter the water and enter a little honey. Take a potion and gargle every day to get healing.

4. Antiseptic And Antibacterial

As a valuable leaf drug, sage is widely used in tooth abscesses, throat infections, gum infections and mouth ulcers.

In addition, the health benefits of sage tea are against Staphylococcus aureus because it contains phenolic acids.

5. Antioxidant Benefits

Health Benefits Of Sage, antioxidant impact

Some substances such as rosmarinic acid, apigenin and luteolin are antioxidants in sage leaves. These antioxidants are useful for neutralizing free radicals in the body. The result, preventing oxidative stress on the organs of the body, especially the liver, joints, skin, brain and muscles.

6. Relieves Indigestion

Benefits Of Sage Tea and Its Essential Oil, releive-digestion

Furthermore, the health benefits of sage tea and essential oils is to overcome digestive problems. The rosmarinic acid in sage contains anti-inflammatory, acts on the stomach to prevent seizures in the stomach.

In addition, this substance also lowers the risk of diarrhea and gastritis. So, consuming sage tea is useful to regulate the digestive process.

7. Strengthens The Immune System

Sage tea contains anti-bacterial and anti-virus, thus preventing viral and bacterial infections. In general, the benefit is to boost immunity so resistant to bacterial and viruses attacks.

8. Treating Alzheimers disease

The extract from the sage leaves can improve cognition, reducing agitation against Alzheimer’s. In the study ‘In vitro activity of S. lavandulaefolia (Spanish sage) is also called that the extract in accordance with Alzheimer’s treatment.

9. Boosts Cognition

Health Benefits Of Sage, boost cognition

Furthermore, the benefits of sage tea are improving cognition. Consuming a small amount of sage or inhaling it is believed to improve memory. Not only that, brain concentration is also increasing. So it is advisable to add sage to your daily diet.

10. Strengthens bones

Sage is the source of vitamin K which is useful for general health. The benefits of vitamin K are most rewarding for bone development with age.

Adding sage to your daily diet can improve your daily vitamin K intake.

11. Reduces Menopausal Symptoms

Sage is useful to reduce night sweats because it contains strong anti-hydrotik. It is also good for the tonic of nerve fatigue.

In addition, the oestrogenic present in the sage helps to overcome the problem of menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhoea problems.

12. Reduces Muscle Tension

Benefits Of Sage Tea and Its Essential Oil reduce muscle tension

The anti spasmodic content of the sage is useful for reducing muscle tension, treating asthma, eliminating mucus congestion in the respiratory tract and preventing other infections.

That is the health benefits of sage tea and essential oils that are popular in the community. Let’s take advantage of this shrub. May be useful!