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9 Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

by Sarah Syakira

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds – Papaya has a sweet taste and fresh. Consuming papaya fruit during the day gives freshness to throat and stomach. Unlike the case with papaya seeds that taste bitter, spicy and sharp. Almost everyone discard seeds and only consume papaya fruit flesh.

In fact, the benefits of papaya seeds really chocked you. Its seeds have properties and extraordinary health benefits that good for health. If you can resist the smell and taste of papaya seeds, then you can get the great health benefits of papaya seeds for the body.

Some Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Here are some health benefits of papaya seeds, as write in

1. Preventing parasitic infections in the digestive tract

Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes that are useful to prevent parasites and kills the parasite eggs in the abdomen. Proteolytic enzymes are also believed has beneficial for cleaning worms and other parasites in the digestive tract.

In papaya seeds also contain a unique anthelmintic alkaloid called campaign, this substance has been shown to be very effective in killing parasitic worms and amoebae.

2. Helps digestion

The content of papain enzyme in papaya seeds makes its well to cleanse the digestive tract.

3. Treating liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver can appear due to drink alcohol for years, but can also be cause by other things. This defect is characterized by shrinking and hardening of the liver. In these circumstances, we can not treat the disease, because it can lead to many other health problems. However, the health benefits of papaya seeds are often relate to liver cirrhosis treatment.

How To Use
Destroy 5 dry papaya seeds by mashing. Combine the lemon juice as much as one tablespoon. To be safe, you should consult your doctor before.

4. Benefits of Papaya seed for gray hair

Papaya seed powder can also be utilized to eliminate gray hair on the head. The way is by smooth the papaya seeds that have been dried. Use regularly when bathing and shampooing as usual, then rinse with clean water.

Side effects:
The seeds have now been develop as a natural ingredient to overcoming various health complaints. However, you must be careful also to the seeds because in some conditions are advised to not consume it, such as when pregnant.

5. Prevent Cancer

Papaya seeds are rich in anti-oxidants derived from fenolic and flavonoids. Both of these compounds play an important role in preventing the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the content of phytonutrient isothiocyanate is known to prevent colon cancer, prostate, lung and breast cancer.

6. Remove toxins in the liver

In Chinese medicine has been using papaya seeds to treat liver damage for centuries ago. Papaya seeds are effective to remove toxins in the liver.

It is reported that papaya seeds are excellent for those with liver damage (liver cirrhosis). One tablespoon of papaya seeds every day is good for removing toxins from the liver. However, during treatment you should change lifestyles such as leaving alcohol and harmful foods such as instant noodles.

7. Remove toxins in the kidneys

In addition to detoxify the liver, health benefits of papaya seeds are also powerful as a natural remedy to remove toxins in the kidneys. Papaya seeds contain good anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep the kidneys from inflammation due to toxins.

8. Treating inflammatory diseases

Just like the benefits of papaya fruit, papaya seeds are also rich anti-inflammatory that can cure diseases caused by inflammation. Among them are arthritis, gout, joint pain, and asthma.

Papain and cymopapain are the two most important enzymes in papaya seeds that are useful for reducing inflammation.

9. Lowering blood pressure

Laboratory test results show that papaya seed is very good for the treatment of heart disease. Carpain compounds in papaya fruit and papaya seeds are very effective for lowering diastonic blood pressure, and systolic.


For those of you who can consume papaya seeds for treatment purpose. Preferably do not consume it continuously for weeks.

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