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Benefits of Walking After Meals to Prevent Diabetes

by Sarah Syakira

Benefits of Walking After Meals. After eating, a lot of people get a rest, one may even go straight to bed after eating. It is extremely dangerous for digestive health, and even the potential for developing of diabetes.

Many studies suggest that walking after meal can reduce the risk of developing diabetes type 2. While other studies say that benefits of walking for 15 minutes after a meal can regulate blood sugar levels and avoid someone from diabetes.

Benefits of Walking After Meals

Walking after meals also accordance with a study published by diabetes care, which shows that walking slowly for 3 times after meals effectively lower blood sugar levels for 24 hours.

This study have brought fresh air for many people, especially the elderly. They are still capable of walking or physical activity, its recommend to perform the duties on foot or walking. This walking will make the body burn some sugar and its convert to energy, so there is no buildup of sugar in the blood.

Walking after meals is also important for those who already have diabetes, because this activity will prevent the development of diabetes to type 2 diabetes.

Best foods for Diabetics

For diabetics should not eat foods carelessly, because some foods can aggravate health conditions. Here are some foods that are good for diabetics.

1. Spinach

The best food for diabetics are spinach. Actually, not just spinach, but also vegetables such as kale, lettuce, and broccoli are also good for diabetics. These vegetables are low in calories and low in carbohydrates, and contains high antioxidant, making it ideal to cope with chronic illness. A study that report the decreasing of risk with type 2 diabetes by 14% when the greens became an important person’s diet.

2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants namely flavonoids and other antioxidants that can reduce insulin resistance, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the habit of eating sweets, and can lower the risk of heart problems and blood pressure problems.

3. Nuts

The next best food for diabetics is nuts. Nuts contain high fiber, which is essential for managing the absorption of glucose. Recent research also suggests that nuts beneficial to reduce the risk of stroke and regulate the release of insulin in the body.

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4. Olive oil

The benefits of olive oil for diabetes. Studies have shown that replacing butter, lard with olive oil, can reduce the risk of diabetes of more than 50%. Still coupled with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that are beneficial to reduce heart disease and high cholesterol.

5. Garlic

Although it is still unclear benefits to diabetes, but garlic is important to reduce blood cholesterol, prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of stroke, and beneficial for lowering blood pressure, all of which is associated with the risk of diabetes complications or indications.

That’s the benefits of walking after meals for diabetics, and a number of healthy foods that should be consumed by diabetics.

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