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Benefits of Tomatoes for Skin Beauty

by Sarah Syakira

Benefits of Tomatoes for Skin Beauty – In general, the tomato is a vegetable or vegetable-fruit that is used in cooking. However, the benefits of tomatoes do not stop there but has wider benefits, which is beneficial for health and beauty.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes for Skin

1. Decrease the pores of the skin
It is the natural benefits of tomatoes for the beauty of your skin. To apply it is by shed as much as four drops of tomato juice and a tablespoon of water. Furthermore, use on your face using cotton.

Then gently massage your face for 15 minutes. The traditional way is to shrink the pores on your face.

2. Glowing Skin
Benefits of tomatoes for skin in glowing skin. Tomato fruit is not only necessary for health but also efficacious in many beauty problems. One is to beautify the skin. Drops of tomatoes on the skin and massage, it’s can transform your skin becomes more radiant.

The content of vitamin C in tomatoes have the critical role in making healthy skin and make your skin appear radiant and clean.

3. Treating skin conditions
The next Benefits of tomatoes for skin beauty is to treat a variety of problems on skin conditions. There is tomato seed oil that used in this case. This oil can treat a variety of skin problems, ranging from the simple to the chronic skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Tomato seed oil is also able to repair dry skin and skin damage.

– Use the tomato seed oil on the skin, and then leave overnight, and wash the next day. It will treat the infected skin conditions.
– You can also add this oil to your facial creams, moisturizers, and scrubs, to keep the skin soft and smooth.

4. Treating Acne
Tomato for skin beauty benefits in treating acne. It is the same as most acne medications that contain lots of vitamin C and vitamin A. So, the content of vitamin C and A in tomatoes acts as a substance that can reduce and paste to skin rash and treat acne.

– If you suffer from small pimples on the face, you can treat it by sticking a slice of tomato.
– However, on the contrary, if you suffer from chronic acne on the face, use the crushed tomatoes, paste on the pimples for 1 hour, and use regularly several times.

5. Prevent excessive oil on the face
Benefits of tomatoes for skin care in preventing and eliminating excessive oil. If sebum produced a lot of oil on the face, it will clog pores and cause acne.

To prevent this, you can use two tomatoes juice, mix with four tablespoons of cucumber juice. Then apply on the face every day. It will help make your face healthy and beautiful and shine.

6. Prevent Aging
Tomatoes and tomato products can be made of oxygen absorbed by the skin perfectly. It is will prevent premature aging of the skin and make your skin glow visibly.

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7. Natural Sunscreen
Natural sunscreen is one of the advantages of tomatoes for skin beauty. Based on numerous studies, that there are antioxidants in tomatoes called lycopene, which serves as a sunscreen. These substances will protect the skin from UV attack.

9. Eliminate the stress on the skin
Tomato extract is often used as a massage oil on the skin to relieve stressed skin. Stressed skin in the eye area can be overcome by using extracts from tomato.

10. Removes Dead Skin Cells
Benefits of tomatoes for skin beauty in removing dead skin cells. Using tomatoes as a skin mask will remove dead skin cells, this will make you look younger.

– Puree the tomatoes with a mixer, and add a little sugar. Apply on face thoroughly, and gently massage in circular.

The trick could also by cutting the tomatoes into two parts. Add sugar on top, gently press on the face or the skin you want to puree. Massage gently to get the skin smooth and clean.

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