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6 Best Benefits of Organic Tulsi Green Tea

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Tulsi Green Tea is an organic tea made from the leaves of the tulsi plant, – the health benefits of tulsi green tea is huge – it is also known as basil leaves. It is a popular spice in Indian families due to the many health benefits one derives from consuming tulsi green tea. It is time to introduce tulsi green tea to the world, a drink that can provide great benefits to the body in the long run.

Tulsi green tea is also famous for its ability to maintain stable health and even good to accompany your weight loss diet. But the organic type of green tea is a must have. This is a basil leaf tea that has not been oxidized so it is still slightly green in color. While black tea is tea that goes through a long oxidation process so that the color turns black.

Tulsi green tea has many health benefits. For those of you who want to maintain health and stay healthy throughout the day, then Tulsi green tea is an essential drink you should try.

The Best Health Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

The Best Health Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

With the great benefits of organic tulsi tea, we hope to improve our health. After all, this is an easy and delicious way to improve health. But before you try to consume tulsi green tea, let’s first consider how to prepare this green tea.

How to Prepare Tulsi Green Tea

To be able to make a delicious and beneficial cup of tulsi green tea, it’s not just about steeping the tea in hot water and then drinking it. But you need to know that to be able to get a quality cup of tea, this starts with growing the tea itself.

This is a great result of tulsi tea, you have to take the tea powder from the tea leaves that are grown organically. So, take green tea powder from the tulsi tea plant that you grow organically so that you can enjoy its health benefits.

Ok, to make a cup of green tea, use a teaspoon of tulsi tea powder, put it in a strainer and then place it in the cup. Pour the hot water into the cup and let sit until the tea leaf essence comes out, this is about a minute or two. If you want a stronger aroma, brew the tea longer. If you want a sweet taste, then add pure honey. Do not add granulated sugar as this can reduce the medicinal benefits of tulsi green tea.

We recommend that the hot water you use is not boiling. Boiling water can spoil the taste of the tea, because if it is too hot, the tulsi tea will taste bitter and this spoils your experience of enjoying a cup of organic tulsi tea.

That’s how to prepare a cup of tulsi green tea which is rich in benefits. Please try and feel the benefits. You will feel the benefits of tulsi green tea for health when you can regularly drink this tea every day in medium quantities. What are the health benefits of tulsi tea, here we will see one by one!

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Tulsi Green Tea

1. Weight Loss

At the beginning of the article we said that tulsi green tea is beneficial in losing weight. It is a liquid that can stimulate more fluid in the stomach, this means it promotes the digestion of food, so tulsi is considered a healthy drink that should be consumed regularly to obtain great health benefits.

Among the health benefits of tulsi is to help lower cholesterol, reduce hunger and in turn can lose weight. Its ability to lower cholesterol is very important in keeping the heart healthy and maintaining normal blood health.

2. Tulsi as anti-inflammatory

The next uses of tulsi tea is as an anti-inflammatory drink. Drinking tulsi green tea can prevent various inflammatory problems in the body such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, memory loss, stomach ulcers, and similar diseases.

Diseases due to inflammation will be treated naturally by diligently drinking organic green tea from the tulsi plant.

3. Regulate blood pressure

The benefits of drinking tulsi green tea also have an effect on better blood pressure. Tulsi green tea contains phytochemicals that reduce free radicals in the blood. Phytochemicals can also prevent plaque buildup in blood vessels so that it can improve blood flow and is certainly good for heart health.

4. Reduces breathing problems

The tulsi green tea with lemon and ginger can be a powerful remedy that cures asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. The tulsi green can be said to be a wonderful expectorant that can help your phlegm and reduce microbes.

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5. Improves hair and skin

The tulsi green tea can also improve hair and skin health, meaning that this green drink from the tulsi plant can make you beautiful.

Another benefit is to relieve itching on the scalp, and prevent dandruff and eliminate hair loss. So, daily intake of organic green tea from tulsi leaves can give you confidence. Makes you healthier and more beautiful even though you are getting older.

6. High antioxidant and phynonutrients

Tulsi Green Tea can also provide great benefits thanks to its high content of antioxidants and phytonutrients. This can prevent the body from free radical damage.

Naturally, this green tea can support the immune system and is good for the cardiovascular. Tulsi leaves and green tea alone have great benefits, so when both are combined or made into green tea the benefits will be even greater, this can mobilize the body’s metabolism, regulate weight and overall it becomes a rich drink of benefits.

Some other benefits of drinking tulsi green tea:

  1. Make the body feel comfortable and relaxed,
  2. Strengthens the immune system, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants
  3. Increase stamina
  4. Improve digestive health and body metabolism
  5. Helps treat coughs and colds
  6. Improve mood, and prevent premature aging
  7. The benefits of tulsi green tea can also prevent jet leg

The benefits of being able to relieve stress make tulsi green tea increasingly popular today. In this modern era, consuming green tea with its myriad of benefits is very important for maintaining health and maintaining the stability of your body.

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Precaution of Drink Tulsi Tea

Indeed, tulsi tea is very beneficial for health, but if you have certain conditions, then do not drink this tea unless you have consulted a doctor. Among the conditions that make you have to be careful are pregnant and breastfeeding.
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