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8 Extraordinary Benefits of Organic Food Products

by Sarah Syakira

Extraordinary benefits of organic food products. Now, organic food products are in great demand among the public, especially those who pay attention to the health. The nutritionists also suggest that organic foods into the daily diet. Its realization arises because many non-organic foods can trigger the disease when consumed.

Before we go any further about the amazing benefits of organic food. We must first find out “what is organic food”.

Actually, organic food is food grown and cultivated naturally without synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

Organic food not only come from agriculture alone, but can also be obtained from animal that are rising in an organic way. So, you can get various kinds of organic foods such as vegetables, eggs, organic meats, fruits, milk and various other food cultivated without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and others.

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Foods that can help health is the food produced not by chemicals, but it grows naturally and free from chemicals. For example, an apple is a fruit that is healthy to eat. However, if the apple is the result of non-organic products, the apples are not good for health, even be a bad effect to our health.

Benefits of Organic Food Products

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Here is an article about the amazing benefits of organic food products. To understand organic food more detail, let’s look at the following review.

8 Benefits of Organic Food Products

1. Preventing diabetes

In several scientific studies show that organic fruit contains 40% more antioxidants than non-organic fruit. Therefore, organic food can treat a variety of health problems, including blood sugar, cancer, heart disease and others.

2. Free from the content of GMOs

Animal genes that mixed in plants and vice versa will be against the rules of nature, and this will give bad results to humans. Using artificial genes to improve crop yields would be bad for human health. While organic food, the use of GMOs does not exist, so it is beneficial for health.

3. Contain More Nutrition

Speaking of nutrition, the organic fruit is the main source. Organic crops that are free from harmful chemicals contains many nutrients, so good for the treatment of various diseases.

4. The taste is great

Organic food is food that is grown naturally so that it’s also different from the food that grow with chemical. Organic food has a crispy and juicy taste. The aroma of organic food also be the number one.

5. Good for the environment

Grow crops organically not only contribute to the health benefits, but also brought positive effects to the environment. Soil and water are not contaminated with the poison because it does not use pesticides, chemicals, etc. So, organic farming can reduce pollution and increase the fertility of crops and require little energy.

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6. The food price is cheap

Agricultural products or foodstuffs from organic farms have cheaper rates and affordable. You can create the kitchen garden and plant some crops and vegetables. Organic vegetables can cope with a variety of chronic diseases, so you can save costs and also the cost for treatment.

7. Provide a favorable effect on animal reproduction

To get a good organic food of plant or animal we have to provide their food from organic sources. Animals that consume organic foods that are free from harmful chemicals will produce healthy meat, organic eggs, organic milk and others. So it is with plants cultivated in an organic way, it will produce a healthy crop that comes from vegetables, fruits and tubers.

It is the kind of food that is able to support the health of the body and eliminate the disease in our bodies.

8. Controlling soil erosion

Furthermore, the benefits of organic food products is to control soil erosion. Soil erosion is one of the major problems that occur today. Controlling this damage could be done with promote organic farming. Organic farming can save the earth from destruction and erosion.

Thus, farmers need to be trained to maintain soil fertility by trying organic farming. The use of chemicals in the soil will break ground giving rise to soil pollution. The land problem as happen today can be overcome by organic farming, but it takes a long term.

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