Benefits of guava leaves for health

Benefits of Guava Leaves for Health

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Benefits of guava leaves for health – Guava is an important crop for health because the part of this plant is very helpful. Guava fruit contains many important substances that can cure health conditions. However, guava leaf is more beneficial for health than fruit.

Diarrhea is one of the health problems effectively treated with guava leaves. Besides, the guava leaf is added to tea will be an effective drug in lowering bad cholesterol and prevent diabetes.

Benefits of guava leaves for health cannot be separated from the content of various substances therein. Among its contents are antioxidants, flavonoids such as quercetin.

Benefits of guava leaves for health also be obtained by making a guava tea. Consuming guava tea is known can boost immunity, especially in the elderly.

If you want to drink tea guava, you can make this tea at home. The trick is by boiling some guava leaves in hot water, filtered to be clean from residual guava leaves. Then the water is used to boil tea. Give a little sugar for good taste, but do not mix it with milk.

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