Health Benefits of Chocolate

Top 10 Health Benefits of Chocolate

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The Benefits of Chocolate – Are you one of the chocolate lovers. I am sure you would love this sweet food. According to recent research that chocolate contains many health benefits for the body. People who eat much chocolate is known to have an ideal body weight than those who did not like chocolate.

Brown diverse, also there are sweet, there is also a bitter, even black. Consumption chocolate in little size is regularly beneficial for health. For those of you who love this food, we proclaim the health benefits of chocolate, this is a good news for you.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Chocolate

Top 10 Health Benefits of Chocolate#Reduce the risk of stroke

Health benefits of chocolate reduce the possibility of a stroke. Research in Sweden on 2011 stated that women who consume more than 45 grams of chocolate a week have a lower risk of stroke by 20%. It is compared with women who keep themselves to fewer than 9 grams of the sweet stuff.

#The benefits of chocolate to improve heart health

People who like to consume chocolate gain many health benefits for the health of internal organs such as, lever, lower bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and keep the heart.

One of the reasons you should consume chocolate is to avoid cardiovascular disease.

#Chocolate suitable for diabetics

A small study in Italy in 2005 found that eating chocolate (chocolate consumption regularly) has a lower risk of diabetes compared with those who do not like chocolate. Chocolate could improve insulin sensitivity so that it can prevent diabetes.

#Maintain healthy skin

The health benefits of chocolate to protect the skin from severe health. You’ll often hear that eating chocolate can cause acne, you should just forget about it because dark chocolate is excellent for your health, especially the health of the skin. In dark chocolate contains antioxidants that called flavonoids, these substances are beneficial to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin.

#Chocolate suitable for treating coughs

Coughs are very annoying, which is why many people are urgently looking for cough medicine. For you as fans of chocolate might be triumphal because a cough can be mitigated with chocolate. Theobromine in chocolate is beneficial to reduce the activity of the vagus nerve; this is the part of the brain that associated with a cough

Scientists have attempted to make chocolate contains theobromine to replace cough medicine. Because cough medicines containing codeine, codeine is a substance that can give dangerous side effects.

#Chocolate Boosts Your Mood

There is nothing wrong with chocolate, you rightly pamper your teeth with chocolate occasionally, because also sweet and savory, chocolate also has health benefits for reducing stress.

The health benefits of chocolate to reduce stress can make your mod increases and quiet.

#Chocolate can improve blood flow

In chocolate contains the anti-clotting agent that works to thin the blood, so the blood flow smoothly, this substance works like aspirin, Dr. Fitzgerald writes, the which can improve blood flow and circulation.

#Chocolate Improves Vision

The health benefits of chocolate for a vision. Chocolate is a healthy food that can increase blood flow to the brain, the researchers also proved that chocolate can also flow to the retina, so that makes the vision bright

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#Chocolate makes you smarter

Chocolate can increase your intelligence, prudence, and your caution, this is caused by flavanols substances that can flow blood to the brain. In a study in British say that chocolate can improve a person’s ability to count.